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General Market Commentary

World's top miner charges into cobalt
Cerro Rico – The greatest of the great
Almaden Minerals: Ixtaca Project Feasibility Study May Surprise Positively
The price of copper has slumped, but there's one factor which could cause its value to spike
Uranium Explorer Has Dual Strategy for Making It Big in the Basin
Chilean workers vote to strike at world's biggest copper mine
Commentary: The graphite opportunity within the EV boom
Blockchain Unleashed for Mining Logistics
Ringler Research Newsletter: Uranium Sector 7-31-2018
Copper price bears shrug $280B China stimulus package
Golden Arrow making all the right silver moves
Renewable energy to drive copper demand, BMO says
'Paralysis in the market': Cameco to layoff staff, indefinitely idle uranium plants in 'confusing times'
Platinum's worst may soon be over despite record bearish bet
Firm with U.S. Uranium Mines Poised to Benefit from Anticipated Changes in the Market
The precious metal sparking a new gold rush
Golden Arrow Resources to enter production for its Puna Operations project in second part of 2018
Production at world’s biggest uranium mine suspended indefinitely
Insider Interview: Uranium & Tariffs
Argentina’s Putin-backed nuclear plan carves out opportunity for uranium miners
Nickel is new headache for automakers as cobalt fears abate
Chile’s Finance Minister downplays copper’s decline, sees prices rebounding
Commodities Set Up for a Rally?
Rick Rule: 2 Overlooked "When" Sectors for Savvy Investors
Leading Edge to start testwork at Woxna to design optimal demonstration plant

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Name Last Change
DOW 25822.30 0.25%
S&P 500 2753.17 0.75%
NASDAQ 7859.17 0.49%
TSX 16296.97 0.21%
TSX-V 691.96 0.00%

Resource Commodities

Name Last Change
Gold 1196.10 0.42%
Silver 15.47 4.59%
Copper 2.66 0.040
Platinum 794.50 0.38%
Oil 66.43 0.78%
Natural Gas 2.94 0.17%
Uranium 26.13 1.28%
Zinc 1.08 0.00%


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