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Atlantic Gold (TSX-V: AGB) CEO Steven Dean on Gold sector M&A trends and Canada’s next open pit gold mine

Nick Hodge, editor of Wall Street's Underground Profits, sits down with Atlantic Gold (TSX.V: AGB) Chairman and CEO Steven Dean to ask why acquisitions of junior gold mining companies in Canada is an emerging trend. Their flagship MRC gold project will be Canada’s next open pit gold mine and investor interest is building as the company ramps up commissioning and prepares for its first gold pour in the coming months.

Technical reports are available on Atlantic Gold’s website 

Nick Hodge is the founder of Wall Street's Underground Profits and investment director for the advisory Early Advantage.
Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web — including the Business News Network, Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker, Newsmax TV, and more.
In Wall Street's Underground Profits, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it.

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