Gerardo Del Real: Our Time Is Coming

I’m in beautiful New Orleans for the 2019 New Orleans Investment Conference.

The conference is my personal favorite. Brien Lundin and his team have once again outdone themselves with a stellar lineup that includes Danielle DiMartino Booth, Brent Cook, Mickey Fulp, Rick Rule, and Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge.

The conference is a great way to kick the tires on new companies, check in on companies in the portfolio, and my personal favorite: meeting and speaking with subscribers.

The overall sentiment moving forward is one of optimism.

Nearly everyone believes gold is headed higher. Nearly everyone believes we are in a new gold bull market — albeit a young one.

However, be absolutely clear, there is a whole host of people — both on the retail side and on the corporate side — still suffering from bear market PTSD.

Despite $1,500 gold, despite the best attendance I’ve seen in years, despite a younger more diversified crowd, people are still sucking on the bone, flipping it over, and thoroughly working the back side to make sure nothing was left to waste.

The combination of lean times for the past several years and tax-loss selling has many debating what they’re doing in the junior resource sector.

In the words of Rick Rule, “I’ve stuck around for the pain, you better believe I’m sticking around for the gains.”

This is the question you want to ask yourself as we approach 2020. Do you have it in you to stomach the volatility of this last quarter and use it as an opportunity to position yourself for what I believe will be a spectacular — and volatile — 2020 in the precious metals space?

If you are going to speculate in this space, do not wait until the herd — as Mr. Dines would say — catches on. Buy now.

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