Gold Is The Contrarian Play Now with Nick Hodge of The Outsider Club

At the Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco this year there was a lot of talk about gold. And for good reason. Nick Hodge of The Outsider Club joined Chris Marcus on Inside the Markets to explain.

Nick discussed how the gold market has become the perfect contrarian play. Especially with so much volatility in the broader stock and real estate markets.

He talked about how you can make money in the mining sector, even without a higher gold price. And why it's a great time to be invested in the miners (and in particular the junior miners). Nick shared how he invested in the lowest cash cost miner and got a return in excess of 100%. As well as what he's interested in now, and what investors should be thinking about when buying gold and silver stocks.

It's a great interview for anyone with money in the stock market. And especially for those thinking about gold and silver. So to discover what mainstream Wall Street hasn't found out about yet, click to watch the interview now!

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