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Avrupa Minerals' Current Market Cap Is a Bargain Compared To Partner Funding Since 2011

The momentum could change soon in Avrupa as these projects are finally
starting to get work done on them again and be cleaned up with active and
vibrant JV partners. Its going to be a busy summer with drilling and
Avrupa is looking at a lot of new projects as well led by geologist Paul
Kuhn who is credited with a major gold deposit now being mined by Alacer
and is known for being a creative geologist. 

Please remember as you do some due diligence on Avrupa $AVU.V $AVPMF that
over $15 million CAD has been funded from JV Partners in addition Avrupa
has raised $12 million themselves. Together that is $27 million CAD
resulting in two NI 43-101 compliant resources and some significant

Considering today’s market cap of Avrupa is less than $8 million CAD I would
consider this a bargain basement discount opportunity. Avrupa has great
management plus top assets with an impressive share structure. It is
temporarily cheap and should be studied as the metal prices stabilize and

Avrupa expects drill results from partners coming out over the next few
months right through Autumn. These drill results can move stocks in this
market and you never know there could be a big discovery where you get a
takeout offer.

In conclusion, Avrupa is dirt cheap right now going into the summer, but it
might not be for too much longer. Their partner is going to be drilling in
Kosovo where they are following up on holes drilled last year that ended in
gold mineralization. I think there is a very good chance they could hit
again and make this project bigger in Kosovo. 

I also am excited to see Oz starting to work in Portugal as they could
start news flowing from that project. In addition, I expect to hear
possibly more JV partnerships with the property that was defaulted on plus

All of these possible news items could change the momentum of the stock
which is trading right now at multi year lows below a dime. When they had
news in the past the stock ran into the 20 and 30 cent range. Remember the
stock started out in the 50 cent range back in 2011 before they made the
discoveries and put in close to $25 million + of work. 

Now at sub $8 million CAD market cap and the stock price below a dime, the
stock may provide a cheap situation in a market where there are so many
overvalued and over promoted junior gold explorers. 

Disclosure: Caveat Emptor! This contains forward looking statements which
may not come to fruition as junior exploration stocks are extremely risky
and one could lose their entire investment. I own shares in Avrupa and
they are a website sponsor. That means I am biased and have a conflict of
interest as I own shares and have been compensated. This should not be
considered investment advice as I am biased and only an advertisement. I am
not a financial advisor. Please be aware of my conflict of interests and
forward looking statements which may not come to fruition. Do your own due

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