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Silver Is About To Really Take-Off, Levels Last Seen in 2011 - CPM's Jeffrey Christian

Tightening of supply and demand may drive silver prices to $38 an ounce, this according to CPM’s managing director, Jeffrey Christian. Speaking with Daniela Cambone on the sidelines of the San Francisco Gold and Silver Summit, Christian said that by 2023, silver prices could rally to the $38 level. Christian also addresses the debate surrounding silver deficits and whether there is an issue or not. Watch this interview to see how Christian makes a bullish case for the metal.

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Name Last Change
DOW 24038.60 0.34%
S&P 500 2646.50 0.11%
NASDAQ 7150.52 0.23%
TSX 15422.84 0.15%
TSX-V 824.78 0.00%

Resource Commodities

Name Last Change
Gold 1347.58 1.37%
Silver 16.61 1.32%
Copper 3.01 1.21%
Platinum 956.00 0.21%
Oil 64.30 1.35%
Natural Gas 2.62 0.80%
Uranium 24.25 N/A
Zinc 1.46 0


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