Gerardo Del Real Editor Photo 110Gerardo Del Real: Now yesterday (in Part I) we talked about the current state of the gold market, and we talked about how sustainable this bull market we believe is going to be. Can you please explain for those that are new to the GoldMining Inc. story, can you explain GoldMining's business model and how it provides leverage by adding ounces at a significant discount, and ounces that in theory are going translate to leverage in a better gold marketAmir Adnani GoldMining Uranium Energy Corp

Amir Adnani: Yeah. The GoldMining business model is one that has been executed and successfully done and realized substantial gains for investors in other commodities at other points in time. For example, in the 90s, you look at what Silver Standard did in the silver business by acquiring silver resources in the ground, basically being a real estate company, a developer company, where you are acquiring resource-stage projects that have been drilled off. Where you have a qualified or 43-101 resource in the ground, and during market downturns, these projects will be valued or trading in the market for less than the replacement value of the work that has been done.

You're basically buying things for cents or a dime on the dollar. This has also been successfully done by companies like Lumina Copper, who in early 2000 were buying pounds of copper in the ground and then successfully realizing a re-rating when the copper prices rebounded and without taking on exploration risk or too much development risk were able to create significant value for shareholders. Of course, for us, our primary focus as the largest shareholders of GoldMining ourselves — management, myself, and insiders, we own 25% of the company — we are strictly focused on value per share, increasing value per share, and making sure we have minimal dilution in how we grow the business.

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