Nick Hodge:             Hi, this is Nick Hodge here. I'm the founder of Outsider Club, and also the managing editor of the stock advisories Early Advantage and Like Minded People. I have a special guest on the phone today to talk a little bit about the gold markets, and one of our holdings in that market in particular. Our guest is Marin Katusa. He's the president of Katusa Research. He's also a fund manager, and author of the New York Times best seller The Colder War. Marin, thanks a lot for joining us today.

Marin Katusa:          My pleasure.

Nick Hodge:             Before we started recording we were talking a little bit about your fund, and some of the readers may not know that you are a fund manager. They may know you more from the newsletter space, or the conference circuit, but could you tell us a little bit about the fund that you run, and why you think it's unique in the space?

Marin Katusa:          For sure. First of all, myself and Doug Casey are largest shareholders. Me being number one investment dollars wise, and number two is Doug Casey. We're the largest fund focused on natural resources in Western Canada. We also have the top performing fund over the last seven years in the sector, in our country. Vancouver is where my head office is. That's the hub for the financing of the junior resource sector. Because I run the largest fund there's not a deal that I don't see that the bankers are working on. Being in the epicenter of the natural resource sector gives you a bit of an advantage, and we're solely focused on natural resources, and this is a fantastic time to be invested. Especially in gold. You're correct. Like I'm partners with the Cambridge House guys where we run the world's largest investment conference for natural resources for the retail audience, and it's all about access to the best deals in the industry.

Nick Hodge:             Congratulations on the performance of the fund. I know until really the past six months or so it's been it's been a tough slog for the natural resources base. You want to talk a little bit about how you've been the best performing fund in that sector in tough times, and what you look for to generate that fund performance?

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