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Chilean Metals (TSX-V: CMX)(OTC: CMETF) is a junior mining company focused on exploration for copper and gold in Chile and Nova Scotia, actively drilling large potential mineral deposits. This active exploration drilling gives Chilean Metals the potential for discoveries, the primary reason investors invest in junior mining companies.

In addition to having two active discovery opportunities led by a historically successful exploration team, Chilean Metals has an asset very rarely found in this stage company. This asset is a very prospective royalty on the Copaquire Cu-Mo deposit of Teck Resources Limited that has the potential to produce an ongoing revenue stream by mid 2019. This potential royalty stream gives investors a hedge in case the multiple discovery opportunities don’t go as planned.

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Name Last Change
DOW 25057.80 0.03%
S&P 500 2753.17 0.75%
NASDAQ 7822.51 0.04%
TSX 16439.39 0.63%
TSX-V 712.39 0.00%

Resource Commodities

Name Last Change
Gold 1229.53 0.50%
Silver 15.49 1.23%
Copper 2.69 0.060
Platinum 828.12 2.67%
Oil 69.46 1.01%
Natural Gas 2.77 1.73%
Uranium 23.63 0.08%
Zinc 1.16 0.00%


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