Angold Resources (TSX-V: AAU)(OTC: AAUFG) CEO Adrian Rothwell on Drilling at Dorado & Upcoming Drilling in Nevada

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Angold Resources, Mr. Adrian Rothwell. Adrian, how are you this morning?

Adrian Rothwell: Great Gerardo, thank you for having me on again.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, thanks for coming on. You've had some news, you updated the market on the drilling at Dorado, the headline reads Angold updates drilling at Dorado indicating new gold zones. Let's get right into the results. You had some solid numbers, you had what I perceive to be a couple of lost holes. I know that because it says it in the release, but when you also had overall, what looks to me like a program, an initial program that you have to feel pretty good about given the mineralization, the near surface nature of it and the grades that you're hitting this early on, right?

Adrian Rothwell: Yeah. Well we were just talking before we were on air and I mean, new team, new company, we're six months in and we drilled nine holes and we've since demobilized the drill rigs, but we've hit gold mineralization in at least seven of those holes. We've got the last two pending assay right now. You got to be happy with that and we are very, very much so. For us, it's six months of learning about this deposit and what the potential is and we see a lot more potential in this deposit now than we thought we would ever see coming into it in 2020.

Gerardo Del Real: Let's talk about what comes next, you mentioned demobilizing the rigs, but I noticed in the release that you are, as you mentioned, keeping the camp intact, right?

Adrian Rothwell: Yeah, correct. So we demobilized the rigs and honestly, mobilizing new rigs to site is not a big deal. Part of that decision was because we'll probably do a bit of RC drilling as well, just to get some more meters, just to do some scout drilling on some new targets in 2021, 22. But yeah, as you said, we kept the camp at site, that's where the work is, is keeping the camp, keeping the road maintained. So you've got a place for all the workers to stay and live while we are undertaking our drill program for the next season and that means we'll probably be able to get in a little earlier and it depends on the year and how much snow falls over their winter, but we could be looking to start as early as September.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent and we talked a bit off air, as you mentioned, we talked Nevada, you mentioned Nevada, what's next?

Adrian Rothwell: Yeah so, we're working right now on planning for Nevada. We'll be going out to the field pretty quickly here and doing our regional exploration. We're going to overlay, we've got some drill holes planned, obviously you saw our news release from a couple of months ago now, we've permitted for 10,000 meters of drilling. So really for us, at the moment, it's about how do we sequence that? And we've got some low hanging fruit that we want to go for first. Obviously we need to do a little bit of QA/QC work, but we do have a lot of the pulps, historic pulp, that will help us avoid, we'll re-assay those, and that'll help us avoid having to do an incredible amount of confirmatory drilling. So that leaves us with some pretty good opportunities right off the bat, looking at testing some of the structural intersections on the property that look compelling to us for a higher grade gold mineralization between the two resource areas, historic resource areas, on the project.

Gerardo Del Real: A lot to like. We know that gold has pulled back just a bit, still relatively healthy, right near the $1,800 level. Anything else to add Adrian?

Adrian Rothwell: No, right now I think just we'll have some news coming out in the next few weeks. That will kind of be final news on Dorado for this past season. That'll be when we get some of the assay results, we'll give a little context, I like to try and give as much context for our investors in our news releases. So we'll give a little context in terms of what that means, where we expanded. This is an opportunity for us to really put our heads down and really extract the value from what we did. And we'll be able to communicate what the opportunities are as well for further expansion of the resource. And as I said, we'll be coming out with some IT and similar surface testing on our Cordillera project. No, lots of exciting stuff to look forward to.

Gerardo Del Real: I'm looking forward to having you back on once you get the data processed and the details finalized. Thanks for your time today, Adrian.

Adrian Rothwell: Thanks Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: All right. We'll chat soon.

Adrian Rothwell: Yeah, for sure. Have a good day.

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