New Placer Dome Gold (TSX-V: NGLD) CEO Max Sali on Latest Near-Surface Gold Oxide Drill Results from the Bolo Project

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of New Placer Dome Gold (TSX-V: NGLD)(OTC: NPDCF), Mr. Max Sali. Max, how are you this morning?

Max Sali: I'm keeping very well. How are you doing, sir?

Gerardo Del Real: I'm doing well. Thank you for your time today. You had an update this morning from drilling at Bolo. More consistent, more oxidized, more nice widths of mineralization. Let me read some of the headline numbers. 61 meters of 0.74 grams per tonne gold oxide, including 21 meters at 1.71 grams per tonne and 6.1 meters of 4.35 grams per tonne gold oxide near surface at the South Mine Fault. Can you provide some context there, Max?

Max Sali: Yeah. These are the additional 4 holes that we had at the lab. The first batch of 5 we sent, we had our first hole out I think September 15th, which was 40 meters of over 1 gram with a high-grade section in there too. I like to mention that these are the first holes we're drilling, and we are hitting in every hole consistently good oxide numbers. So far everything we've seen at Bolo was oxide, which really allows us to say that Bolo is an open pit, heap leachable scenario type of project. Having something like 4.5 grams gold oxide near surface, it really helps with the project because those are really big moneymakers when you get the really high grade near surface when you do start production.

For us, we we've seen Bolo start to evolve. We've we've been able to drill deeper and continue to have mineralization of depth, which is really showing size at Bolo. We're very excited about these results. I think the market really wants to see Kinsley. They've shown us that, show me Kinsley. But we continue to drill both projects. We do get closer to Kinsley every time you and me speak. We will have an update along with some results from Troy Canyon on Thursday. We'll have a bit on Kinsley also.

We just keep doing what we're doing. The drill rig will wrap up in Bolo November 2nd, and we'll complete about 4,000 meters total. We have more holes of Bolo waiting at the lab, and we have 9 holes currently waiting for Kinsley. So we're very aggressive. We just keep doing what we're doing and putting out consistent numbers on this asset.

Gerardo Del Real: We'll talk Kinsley in a few days when you publish that update, Max. But I got to believe that between Bolo and Kinsley, you have news flow and assays likely between now until what, February, March?

Max Sali: I'm going to say so. I'm going to say once Kinsley starts coming in, we have more Bolo holes in the lab right now. We're going to see news flow probably every two weeks for three months. I'm going to say it's going to start coming mid-November.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. When do you anticipate the remaining holes for Bolo to be published?

Max Sali: The last hole at Bolo, we'll be finishing drilling around November 2nd. That gets to the lab. You probably won't see that until January just because December tends to be a bit slower with Christmas. But we're hoping to get the next batch of 5 holes of of Bolo probably I would say within the month.

Gerardo Del Real: Sounds like a lot of news flow. Exciting time to be drilling multiple projects. I can't wait for the update at Kinsley, and I can't wait for the labs to start getting those assays back to you. Max, is there anything else you want to add?

Max Sali: I agree with you. I can't wait either. That's the only thing I'd like to add, is I think everyone can't wait. It's an exciting time, and we just want to be able to show the market what we have.

Gerardo Del Real: Look forward to it, Max. Thank you.

Max Sali: Thank you.

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