New Placer Dome Gold (TSX-V: NGLD) CEO Max Sali on Upcoming Drill Programs at the Kinsley Mountain Gold & Bolo Gold Projects in Nevada

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO and Founder of New Placer Dome Gold Corp (TSX-V: NGLD)(OTC: BARRD), Mr. Max Sali. Max, how are you today?

Max Sali: I'm great, Gerardo. How you doing?

Gerardo Del Real: I'm doing well. I'm excited because you announced that the crew has been mobilized, headed towards Kinsley. You've outlined your exploration plan, the Phase One plan, which I believe will consist initially of 10,000 meters. I'll let you provide the details there, and then we can get into the context and the color of it.

Max Sali: Great. About two weeks ago, we had our first interview. Our stock has about a 50% value review. I've been taking a lot of calls, talking to a lot of investors lately. Obviously, the gold space is kind of where we want it. At the beginning of last week, we announced our plans for Bolo, which was our Phase One exploration plan for Bolo, 3,500 meters. 

It took a while longer to get the Kinsey one done, but we announced that today, because it's such a big exploration plan. Essentially the first phase is 10,000 meters. Based off those drill holes, if you're hitting in a certain area, we're going to keep drilling in that area. We'll drill additional holes and if we really find a screamer, we'll follow up with a diamond rig just to really make sure we're consistent with those results. Very exciting.

The crews are now down on site at Kinsley and Bolo. I think the nice thing about the timing is if we had this issue in February, you would have seen everything shut down for a while and delayed things. The nice thing about Nevada is mining is essential, so it was never shut down. We have the guys down there, they are prepping both sites and we're very excited to get going. You're probably going to see Bolo hit off first and then once we got the drill rigs on site for Kinsley, we'll send that out to the market as well.

Gerardo Del Real: Fantastic and you mentioned 10,000 meters. You mentioned in the release two rigs, a diamond core rig and RC. I also noticed when I'm looking at the targets that some of the targets are extensions of previously drilled targets. 

That's an important point, because I'm going to read some historical drilling intercepts. 42.7 meters of 10.5 grams per tonne gold, including 22.9 meters of 18.3 grams per tonne gold. 29 meters of 21.3 grams. 39.5 meters of 10.1 grams per tonne gold, including 21.6 meters of 17.4 grams per tonne gold. 

If you come close to duplicating those types of numbers, Max, the reaction obviously is going to justify looking at Kinsley as a standalone project. Do you see that possibly becoming the approach if you're successful in duplicating the extensions? Then we can talk about some of the exploration targets because there's several of as well.

Max Sali: Yeah. Those results are what we call a “double-double” when you're getting double meters and double grams per tonne. That's really exciting in Nevada because you usually don't see that. At the Secret Canyon shale, we will be doing some step out because though that whole shelf is open at length and depth. So we want to go farther out and see if we continue hitting in that section that we already have the resource on. With the new targets, the sense is that that Secret Canyon shale formation goes all throughout the property. With these new targets, this depends on where you drill.

Some of that shell starts at 159 meters and it goes down to about 320. You have this very thick intersection of that shale. It is deeper, but because of the grade, it is economic. We have a bunch of targets that Liberty's team had previously picked out that we're drilling and we're trying to hit that Secret Canyon shale. 

Yes, we believe that that grade would be consistent on all of the property. And yes, that would be a game changer. Kinsley could very well be a standalone asset itself. Further down the line, if we're hitting on both assets, you can see some more shareholder value by potentially spinning out Bolo.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Obviously, a heck of a second half to look forward to. We have drilling at Kinsley, drilling at Bolo. We have news for what looks like the next several quarters. Is there anything else that you'd like to add to that, Max?

Max Sali: You know what? We're always trying to grow the company bigger, faster, more aggressively and efficiently. If you go and you see me try and bring on a big partner or do something wild with this company, I think the market would appreciate it. We're always trying to make ourselves better and bigger and be the best of what we can do. We're the kind of company that's going to be aggressive and try and do the best we can for shareholders. You're going to see news flow from September through Christmas. We're hoping if there's some big success on that, being a lot more interest from certain people.

Gerardo Del Real: I like to hear you being aggressive. This is the type of market that rewards that. Well put, Max. Thank you for your time. I look forward to having you back on.

Max Sali: Thank you, Gerardo.