Dow 50K and A(pathetic) Gold

by Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real

Bubbles can last for a really long time.

Hedge fund titan Jeff Gundlach recently highlighted that the Canadian housing market has been called a bubble for the last 15 years.

Fifteen years is a long time to be short.

I mention it because anytime asset classes start making new highs, the doomsayers kick up the 80% stock market crash correction talk.

Same with Bitcoin.

It’ll happen one day, but the Dow might be at 50k before you get a real deep meaningful correction.

I’m telling you this because there are a lot of ways to make money right now and being on the sidelines waiting for a more sane universe where things make sense might literally cost you a fortune.

Corn, copper, cannabis, cryptos like cumrocket (look it up), uniswaps (also look it up, it’s up 10% today), lumber, cannabis, the Dow, the S&P, real estate (15-year highs today), collectables, NFT’s and the Kardashians.

All worth more today than they were starting the year.

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows though.

Gold continues its sideways pattern, which has translated into boredom and apathy as it relates to the gold juniors.

Example. I’m buying a producer that will generate tens of millions of dollars more in gross revenues this year than its entire market cap. It’ll generate over half its market cap in profit.

I’ll keep buying... you keep being bored. We can compare notes in a few years.

While the Biden administration touts the new clean energy revolution and the trillion-dollar proposals needed to make those plans a reality (consider the first trillion or two a down payment!) there’s another type of revolution going on in the energy space.

It’s an opportunity Nick Hodge — friend, publisher and co-owner of Digest Publishing — has identified.

You can read all about it here.

You can be bored, you can watch things continue to go up (they will for a while) or you can get in on the gains.

Pick a sector/sectors, define your risk tolerance and timelines, and get to it by starting here.

Let's get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest
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