Medallion Resources

Medallion Resources (TSX-V: MDL)(OTC: MLLOF) owns and develops proprietary technology to extract rare earth elements from an abundant by-product feedstock. This technology can first be applied entirely within the US, delivering the near-term foundation of a secure non-Chinese REE supply chain.

Medallion has focused its research and development on extracting NdPr from the mineral monazite. Monazite is one of two REE-rich minerals that supply today’s magnet industry. Medallion has developed proprietary processing expertise in monazite, typically the richest mineral in NdPr. Medallion’s proprietary technology is particularly suited to monazite recovered from mineral sand mining. Mineral sand deposits are distributed across the globe, often in coastal locations. Mining of these deposits is focused on value from other minerals, not monazite, which is stockpiled as future resource or sold to China as a by-product.

Medallion has built an industrially relevant, near term business model that enables the company to execute on key partnerships within the US and global rare earth element supply chain.

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