Alianza Minerals (TSX-V: ANZ)(OTC: TARSF) CEO Jason Weber on Commencement of Phase-One Exploration Activities at Tim Silver Project, Yukon, Canada & A Lot More

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president & CEO of Alianza Minerals — the very busy Mr. Jason Weber. Jason, quiet couple of months and then, man, what an April and the start to May, huh?

Jason Weber: Yeah, it's been busy. And even through what most would perceive as the quiet time, really busy for us… just nothing newsworthy until it all becomes newsworthy at the same time.

Gerardo Del Real: It's amazing how much work goes on behind the scenes that the public isn't privy to because it isn't material enough to actually press release. But it's absolutely material behind the scenes, right?

Jason Weber: Yeah, I mean, we're constantly evaluating data, looking at new data from new projects or canvassing potential partners. So it's ongoing all the time. And if you stop doing any of that — your business is dead. So you got to keep going full steam ahead.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, your business is definitely not dead! We spoke last week about the copper porphyry project in Peru that you're looking for a partner on. We talked about Haldane and how excited we're all for that. 

And you just had news yesterday that exploration has commenced at the Tim Silver Project. I'd love the details of what's going into the program and what that looks like here in the next month.

Jason Weber: Yeah, this is a great one to get going. Of course, Tim is our partnership with Coeur Mining in southern Yukon. It's just a few kilometers north of their mine at Silvertip. 

And so we're looking for the same type of silver mineralization that they're active on at the mine, and we've got the same rocks. So the airborne geophysics survey that they flew is something that they've tried on their property at the mine and found it to work quite well to help identify geological structures; faults, potential conduits for mineralization, as well as helping map geological units where they don't get good outcrop exposure.

So the great part is that they can now take that knowledge and bring it over to the Tim property. And we do have areas of the project that don't have a lot of outcrop so that geophysics will be helpful in guiding their mappers to sort of correlate what they see on the ground and then extrapolate that into the areas that are covered by overburden. 

So a really useful survey. And they'll use this data to put the next phase of the program together, which will be the actual boots-on-the-ground prospecting, mapping, opening up some of the old trenches, and soil geochemical survey.

Gerardo Del Real: And just to be clear, the program at Tim is targeting high-grade silver-lead-zinc carbon replacement mineralization, correct?

Jason Weber: Yes, and that's exactly the same thing that they're mining at Silvertip just to the south of us. 

Gerardo Del Real: Wonderful! Elsewhere in the portfolio, I mentioned the copper project; I mentioned Haldane. How are things coming along with the other properties in the portfolio?

Jason Weber: Well, just before you and I got on this call, I was doing all of the data checking of the data that we acquired for the copper porphyry in Peru. We’ve got a series of drill logs that are just paper copies… so that all had to be entered into a database. 

So my son and I, actually, were doing the data checking; the data verification. So he's back from university — between university and his summer job — so it was perfect to get him to help with that. So that's great. Now we can start putting that data into our database and targeting drill holes from that… so that's fantastic.

And then at Haldane, of course, we've got crews up on site clearing snow… one off the road… and two where we're building camp. Camp construction is almost done; way more snow than in previous years so it's going a little slower than what we anticipated. 

But yeah, you deal the hand that mother nature deals and we go on. So looking really forward to getting that drill up on site here later this week and hopefully drilling next week.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, it sounds like the second quarter is going to be, already is, but going to be really busy on the assay front at multiple projects. And, of course, you mentioned looking for partners on other projects as well. So zero shortage of news moving forward. 

Jason, thank you for the update. Anything else to add to that?

Jason Weber: Well, you just sort of touched on it a bit there; looking for projects. Looks like the snow has cleared or cleared enough that we can potentially get potential partners in at our Twin Canyon project in Colorado. So we'll be starting that; touring potential groups through there this quarter as well.

Gerardo Del Real: Fantastic! Looking forward to the details. Thanks again, Jason.

Jason Weber: Thanks, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: Alright, chat soon. Bye now.

Jason Weber: You bet. Bye-bye.


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