Gladiator Metals (TSX-V: GLAD)(OTC: GDTRF) President Marcus Harden Reports on Additional High-Grade Copper Results at Flagship Whitehorse Copper Project, Yukon Territory, Canada


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president of Gladiator Metals — Mr. Marcus Harden. Marcus, how are you today?

Marcus Harden: I’m doing great. Thanks, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, listen, we talked a bit off-air. We were talking about record-high copper prices. Great time to be a copper company, and a really great time to have a copper project with significant, significant scale. You just had some more news adding to that scale. And I thought it was a perfect time to have you on to provide an update with Gladiator.

Marcus Harden: Thank you very much, Gerardo. I think that's the point. I think at the moment, Gladiator is focusing on demonstrating that scale to market. So we've got field crews out at the moment. I think there'll be a lot of news flow coming and news flow from some new prospects as well that we've been putting together and developing throughout the belts.

We have a couple of near-resource projects, so quite advanced areas that have been worked up to some degree and have some near-term resource potential. That includes Cowley Park, which we put some news out about today. And highlighting today was the upside from extensions that we're starting to see as we put the geological picture together.

We're doing the same at the Little Chief area, which is where we've also been drilling. As I mentioned, field crews are out and are working up further projects. And the plan for the summer is basically to get out into the field and start looking for those new deposits and working up areas undercover using some of the recent datasets we've been getting.

Gerardo Del Real: The results that you put out today were from holes that were drilled but weren't logged or assayed. And again, I think it really underscores the potential and significant upside of the project. Can you speak to why the holes weren't assayed before and how you were able to get all of the data and how you've been able to put it together?

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Marcus Harden: Yes, when we acquired the project last year, there was about 10,000 meters of diamond core, which had been drilled but not logged or assayed. And that was because the project vendors, which is a drilling company, had been drilling to maintain the expenditure on the properties but hadn't had the geological oversight to help process that core.

For us coming in, we essentially had a drill program completed already when we acquired the project, and we worked our way through that whilst doing our own drilling. We also drilled 13,000 meters last year, on top of that, and we’ve been working through that. 

The results we put out today, the reason they're exciting is because they're essentially extensions… so they're on the edges of the ore body at Cowley Park and are indicating that all of the mineralization is open in quite a few directions. And we have results up to 10.3 meters at 1.9% Cu in that core.

Gerardo Del Real: In the release, you talk about the potentially significant coincident molybdenum mineralization. Why is that potentially significant?

Marcus Harden: So all of the historical core was only assayed for copper, and, actually, the historical explorers only really assayed things that visually looked more than 1% copper as well. The reason that's important is we've been assaying full holes, and we've also been assaying for credits like copper, gold, and silver.

At Cowley Park, we've been encountering significant amounts of molybdenum. For instance, that 10.3 meters at 1.92 copper also had 0.15% molybdenum in, sort of, like-for-like holes. So comparisons with historical holes, we've been getting around a 30% to 40% uplift in copper-equivalent.

We haven't generally quoted copper. And the reason for that is that we've got a lot more work to do to understand the relative domain of that molybdenum with the copper. But obviously, when we start pushing this area towards resources, that's going to be a significant economic contributor in the future.

Gerardo Del Real: What comes next, Marcus?

Marcus Harden: As I mentioned, we've got field crews out at the moment. They're currently working up targets around Cowley Park but also that'll be throughout the copper belt. And the project for the summer is to put drill holes into as many of those as possible. 

We hope to be introducing the market to new targets throughout the copper belt and beyond. We've been staking additional ground in the region… so a lot of exciting news stories coming out.

Gerardo Del Real: Exciting times in the copper space. Exciting times for Gladiator. I don't think it's a coincidence that the stock is up some 15% this morning. Marcus, thank you so much for the update. Anything else to add?

Marcus Harden: No, thank you Gerardo. I think that's everything. We're thrilled to be out there this summer, and we’re looking forward to bringing some new project areas to everybody.

Gerardo Del Real: Looking forward to having you back on. Thank you so much.

Marcus Harden: Thank you, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: Cheers.

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