New Placer Dome Gold (TSX-V: NGLD)(OTC: NPDCF) CEO Max Sali on Buyout & Drilling at Bolo and Kinsley Mountain Gold Projects in Nevada

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of New Placer Dome Gold, Mr. Max Sali. Max, how are you?

Max Sali: I'm great, Gerardo. Finally get a two week Christmas holiday after working 2021 to the max and getting everything done. That's the job, I guess, in my role is to make sure the companies get funded and move forward. We did that and now I finally get a little break for all the hard work.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, listen, it's well deserved. It was a tough year in the market. Gold continue to consolidate. We're going on a 15, 16 month long consolidation. $1,800 or near it seems to be the floor now and look, you're taking a couple of week break but you're working as well. You just commenced drilling at the Bolo Nevada Project. You had a news release today with Copaur Minerals and yourself just got back from a site visit. You've started a 1,700 meter diamond drill program at Bolo. Obviously what New Placer Dome Gold shareholders want to know is how is the share price going to head higher in 2022? I think this is a heck of a start. You mind putting some context to it?

Max Sali: Yeah. So the group taking us over, the metals group, there's a number of companies in their portfolio. The smallest one is Copaur, but their two big ones are Benchmark Resources, which has a $300 million market cap, Thesis Gold, which has a $200 million market cap. And if you look at both of those stock charts over the last period of time, they've increased significantly. I think the group has raised $170 million over the last two and a bit years for those projects. So they're a very capable group and from my feeling this is going to get done. We will become Copaur Minerals, probably do a name change but then move everything forward. So I think with this very capable group and our very capable assets, it's a good deal. So the share price isn't obviously reflecting the takeout price but to me, it's a done deal. It's going to go through and anyone who can buy at this level, we're not allowed as a board because we're doing due diligence, I think is just a great purchase.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, I couldn't help but notice and you have to scroll down and actually read the release right on the final Bolo share payment, but you have to read the release because the devil's always in the details but I couldn't help notice that you made a final share payment of $250,000 US of common shares at a price of 20 cents per share, which obviously it's a very, very healthy premium considering that shares are trading right around the 8 cent level. I got to believe that's a vote of confidence on where shares are headed and I have to believe that going into 2022, you feel pretty damn good about Bolo and Kinsley getting the attention both those assets deserve.

Max Sali: Yeah. So, the final share payment, which is obviously a big milestone for Bolo, it's also interesting because in the original Bolo contract, there was a 20 cent floor price on that. So, instead of issuing them $250,000 worth of stock at 8 cents or 9 cents, we issued it to them at 20 cents, which saved us a ton of dilution. And so we're very happy with how things are going. Like you mentioned, we did do a site visit last week. My group and the metals group was on site. Phenomenal property, drill rigs turning, excavators doing what it's doing, building new pads, geophysics team is on site, geo chem team is on site. We are going full board into the new year and then through to January to get this drilling done and move the project forward.

Gerardo Del Real: A lot to look forward to. I know the Copaur board is excited to be drilling at Bolo. I got to believe they're likely excited to get to Kinsley when the time comes there in the next couple of months. Anything to add to that before I let you go, Max?

Max Sali: So what the plan is for Kinsley is Kinsley's been taken care of. We raised the money, the geophysics team is on holidays now. They'll get back onto Kinsley in the start of January. Go all through January and what we'll hopefully have is all the results out in February showing the results of those geophysics. Then do a site visit with the metals group analysts and big investors and move forward with that with the drill program.

Gerardo Del Real: Max, enjoy the break. Great work in 2021, looking forward to seeing that reflected in 2022, in the share price. Thank you.

Max Sali: Thank you very much, Gerardo.

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