Nine Mile Metals (CSE: NINE)(OTC: VMSXF) CEO Patrick Cruickshank on Drilling Multiple High-Grade Battery Metals Discoveries in Canada


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the President and CEO of Nine Mile Metals, Mr. Patrick Cruickshank. Patrick, how are you today? How was your Thanksgiving?

Patrick Cruickshank: Very good, thank you. I think we're into gaining weight season, aren't we? Now, right through to the end of New Year's Day, I think.

Gerardo Del Real: It's definitely that time of the year. Let's get right into it. Nine Mile Metals announces that drilling will be starting on the Nine Mile Brook VMS Project. You announced that yesterday. You also just recently announced XRF results for holes 22-06 and 22-07 on the initial California Lake VMS Drill Program. We talked a bit off air. Shares have come off a bit, and I suspect it's the typical financing shenanigans that go on when financing becomes free trading, right? So I wanted to get you on the record and talk about the multiple catalysts because though there's been a pullback in the share price, I think you're probably happy as all heck to have the catalysts that are coming up.

Patrick Cruickshank: Yeah, and I'll just talk real briefly on the share performance. I mean, we've been performing very, very well for our shareholders, and the market has appreciated it, and there's not a lot of junior mining stocks in the positive space right now. So yeah, our last raise, 8.8 million shares, are now free trading. That is people are profit taking and so on, so that should stop in the next couple of days. But we just did finish our California Lake inaugural drill program, and we couldn't be happier. People have to understand we didn't do the advanced program metrics for California Lake. We drilled that initially just on reprocessing of public data. So again, it's a huge testament to our technology, our model, and it's unheard of to hit seven out of eight holes on a VMS system going in on a first pass blind with a very shallow program, a hundred meters less, and we couldn't be more ecstatic.

And we are going to, over the next couple of weeks, be releasing the results from all those 13 holes and move forward. But yes, we just announced the rig is on-site. It's being modified right now for up to a thousand meters in depth. The canopy on top is being swapped out for a deep rig, and the casing is on-site. And then I think they'll be doing the waterlines tomorrow and Friday, and we should be a drill bit in the ground by Sunday on the first hole.

Gerardo Del Real: Exciting stuff. And just to be clear, you're going to have news on multiple fronts over the next several months, right?

Patrick Cruickshank: Yes. We'll continue to, as it disseminates on California Lake, a summary of that program. And then we are still getting right now updated data on the Nine Mile Brook flagship program from EarthEx on our... Because if you remember, we did that IP and EM experiment over the lens. We did a traditional EM grid and got our results, high conductivity, et cetera. But the copper-gold was so high in our lens results that we did an IP grid, and wouldn't you believe it, the chargeability and resistivity was off the charts. So what we've done is we've already completed a 21-kilometer grid on IP over the lens area, the islands, and the Hinge A targets. And those are just coming in right now, so great timing. We have our existing targets for the program, plus we have a few new surprises.

Gerardo Del Real: I'm looking forward to the surprises. I'm looking forward to the California Lake news, definitely excited about the Nine Mile Brook Program. I know you've got a lot of community and stakeholder support that is going to be critical in moving these projects forward and advancing the projects as you delineate these discoveries. Anything to add to that, Patrick?

Patrick Cruickshank: No, just we're working as hard and as fast. We've hired extra people. We have a new PGO on our staff. We have some more folks in the warehouse and technicians. So we are ready for this exciting drill program up to 5,000 meters. And remember, this is our very, very advanced stage geophysics interpretation with EarthEx. We flew a thousand line kilometer grid with the drone. We've got the 3D images back on that and new targets. And we just finished, like I said, the IP grid new targets, and we are doing our best to give everyone an early Christmas present, that's for sure.

Gerardo Del Real: Looking forward to having you back on once we start seeing the results there. Patrick, thanks so much for that update. Appreciate the time as always.

Patrick Cruickshank: Thanks for having me back, Gerardo.