Nine Mile Metals (CSE: NINE)(OTC: VMSXF) CEO Patrick Cruickshank on Hitting VMS Mineralization on Multiple Projects


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Nine Mile Metals, Mr. Patrick Cruickshank. Patrick, great to have you back on. How are you, sir?

Patrick Cruickshank: Very good. A little tired, but thanks for inviting us back again.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, listen, you have a good reason to be tired. You hit VMS on your California Lake project on November the 1st. You just followed that up with another release saying that you continue to drill VMS mineralization at California Lake. I wanted to have you on and just talk about how you're feeling about the project. Clearly, the technology that you're applying, which is... It's a game changer, frankly, for the company, has been extremely fruitful in delineating targets and allowing you to vector into this mineralization. How are you feeling about everything?

Patrick Cruickshank: Yeah, we're very, very excited. The technology, we're definitely a believer, and we're disciplined and we respect the science. And right now we are playing catch up because these are shallow holes, 80 to a hundred meters. So we're trying to stay a step ahead and then catch up with the measuring, the logging, the cutting, the RQD, and obviously, our internal XRF process, and then identifying samples for the ALS global labs. So that's the problem you have with shallow holes versus really deep holes that you have time to do everything in between, moving the rigs from target one to target two, et cetera. But we couldn't be happier.

Gerardo Del Real: Now, we spoke a bit off air. You have drill programs between now and through year end, right? Can you provide people a bit of an overview of the company and the projects you're drilling? I know you have a lot of new eyes and new shareholders. The share price has responded very, very well despite the volatile markets out there. And clearly people are beginning to suspect that you could have not just one significant, but possibly multiple significant discoveries concurrently advancing.

Patrick Cruickshank: Yes. We have our flagship project, which is Nine Mile Brook, which we had already finished and completed a drill program earlier in the year. And we were following that up with, we announced, up to 5,000 meters imminently coming after the California Lake program is complete. And then we're going up to about 2,000 on California Lake. We do have a third project that's called Canoe Landing Lake, but that one will have to wait until next year. We pride ourself in the quality of our portfolio, and that's what California Lake... I believe that was our objective, was to prove our technology continues to be successful in identifying mineralization. What people should remember, we’re very, very advanced with the technology on Nine Mile Brook, and announced and completed 1,000 line kilometers UAV high definition drone with 3D processing, just getting that now. And it identified new targets, et cetera, for the upcoming program, as well as our targets already identified from our first drill program at Nine Mile Brook.

But what everyone should remember with California Lake, that was a first pass. This is a first pass program. This is all based on just EarthEX, our geophysical partner, reprocessing data. We haven't flown the drone. We haven't done ground surveys. So for us to have success is pretty special just from reprocessing proprietary technology out there. So we couldn't be happier with California Lake, and that has proved we have two VMS projects for our shareholders and for our market cap.

Gerardo Del Real: Yes, sir. I've gotten a lot of inquiries and compliments from high net worth investors, from the retail side as well, from readers and subscribers that are impressed with the technology and excited to see you advance the portfolio. Patrick, always a pleasure to have you on. I'm looking forward to those assays as soon as you get them, and hopefully we can have you back on then.

Patrick Cruickshank: Yes, sir. And thank you for having me. And as soon as we're finished and caught up, we will definitely get out a complete summary for everybody.

Gerardo Del Real: Sounds good.

Patrick Cruickshank: Thank you again, Gerardo. Look forward to our next chat.

Gerardo Del Real: Absolutely. Always Take care out there.