Q2 Metals (TSX-V: QTWO)(OTC: QUEXF) CEO Alicia Milne on Drilling James Bay’s Next Major Lithium Discovery


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of one of my favorite lithium speculations in the space, Q2 Metals, Miss Alicia Milne. Alicia, it's great to have you back on. Exciting times for Q2. I know it was a bit of a frustrating spring and summer with the fire ban. We talked a bit off air. I'm glad everyone was safe. But you've been back to site recently. The team was active. You've accomplished a whole heck of a lot in a short amount of time, and you've now extended the exploration trend to 9.7 kilometers, so a lot to get into. First and foremost, how are you today?

Alicia Milne: I'm good. Thank you, Gerardo. How are you?

Gerardo Del Real: I am excellent. Thank you for asking. Let's jump right into it. The most recent release, as I mentioned, extends the exploration trend to 9.7 kilometers. There were a total of 136 individual pegmatite outcrops that have been mapped, and the part that was really interesting to me is that there were four new spodumene pegmatite occurrences that had been discovered, but three of those were located between two previously known mineralized zones, which I think obviously speaks to the potential continuity of the system, which is going to be important if you're able to prove up some scale. Can you speak to what the team saw and just how you were able to get so much done in the short amount of time that you were there?

Alicia Milne: Well, I think it speaks to the quality of the team that Neil and his associates at Dahrouge put together. They were extremely excited to be out there, and they worked hard while they were there. They had two weeks of actual boots on the ground, finally getting out there and mapping and sampling. And just seeing the area. I haven't been there before, and to actually be there – I was there for 10 days with the crew. And yeah, just the scale of the project and Northern Quebec itself is just, it's amazing.

Gerardo Del Real: Obviously the elephant in the room is Patriot Battery Metals, and I've been on record saying, look, Patriot and Corvette is unique. Right? But I have also been on record saying that I think the next significant discovery that comes out of James Bay is going to be at Mia, and it's going to be delivered by the Q2 team. So speaking to the quality of the people working on the project and the quality of the project, when do we get to see those drills turning? I know you're on a bit of a pause here until mid-October, but are we ready to go with contractors and drills and then getting to it as soon as you're able to?

Alicia Milne: Absolutely. I mean, we've been ready since, I would say June, middle of June. Neil had his team assembled and we had our drillers set ready to go as soon as the fires were done. But unfortunately that continued on and we essentially didn't get any work done in the summertime, unfortunately. But we're back there now and we anticipate having our first drill turning mid-October when we get back out there.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. As far as target delineation, how is Neil, how are you, how is the team going about that? Because clearly there's a focus on several specific targets. Have you prioritized those yet? And I assume that we're probably going to get a news release on that here in the next several weeks.

Alicia Milne: Well, when the Geo crew was out there this past two weeks, they took over 200 rock samples and they did extensive mapping. But I think between Neil and the project manager, Nate Schmidt, they have an idea of where they want to start drilling, and I think the results of the sample aren't going to affect where they actually want to start drilling. So I think we have a few drill targets in mind, and it's just a matter of getting ready to go and getting back out there.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Well, Alicia, it is great to have you on. I'm excited to see the drills turning. I can't wait to see what the initial results look like. Looking forward to having you back on. Anything else to add to that?

Alicia Milne: No, just we're well funded. We're excited to get back out there. We have warrants that are in the money that once those drills start turning, hopefully they'll continue to be in the money and we'll get those exercised and we'll continue on. It's going to be a fun and exciting next six months. Looking forward to it.

Gerardo Del Real: Most definitely plan on exercising, not just the warrants that we have from the initial financing, but also the more recent ones that are at higher price points. I suspect that by the end of the fall, early winter, we're trading at dollars not cents, and I think the drill bit's going to be the key to unlock that. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it.

Alicia Milne: Thank you, Gerardo, for having me.

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