Silver Hammer Mining (CSE: HAMR)(OTC: HAMRF) CEO Peter Ball on Recent Financing and Property-Wide Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey at the Silverton High-Grade Silver Project


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the President and CEO of Silver Hammer Mining, Mr. Peter Ball. Peter, how are you today?

Peter Ball: Good morning. How are you doing?

Gerardo Del Real: I am well. Thank you for asking. Look, the last time you and I chatted publicly, it was very clear to me that you have a very, very broad and clear vision for Silver Hammer and positioning shareholders to maximize what I think we probably both think is going to be a pretty epic precious metals bull market that we have coming up. You just announced the closing of a financing and you also just commenced a property-wide airborne mag and radiometric survey at the Silverton high-grade silver project in Nevada. So I wanted to reach out, I wanted to touch base, I wanted to see how things were coming along.

Peter Ball: It's good. It's been a busy last couple, three weeks since we last chatted. I mean, priority number one is to always get cashed up to ensure you have enough capital to push forward in your projects. We close the financing led by the Echelon Group out of Toronto. They've been behind our story for the last couple years. They liked what we're trying to do here. I've got a longstanding relationships with their team over in Toronto. So we cashed up, we recently did the financing. I actually purchased 17% of the financing myself to make sure that I put my dollars alongside any current or new investors that want to follow along. So yeah, we're cashed up and what we needed to do is fill the treasury because we wanted to accelerate our activities down in Nevada. A couple of projects, which we just recently announced some news and we wanted to get going on our project up in Idaho. And there's a few other things we're kind of got on the table right now in regards to some potential acquisitions. So lot's going on last two weeks.

Gerardo Del Real: You have, as you mentioned, multiple projects and it sounds like you consistently are looking at other projects that could be accretive or present some good exploration upside. Let's talk Silverton and let's talk about the survey. Look, this is the first time in over 35 years, as you mentioned in the release, that any form of modern exploration will be completed over the mine and the property. And so tell me what you're hoping to get out of that survey.

Peter Ball: So we're accelerating efforts on Silverton and we're going to announce news soon on Eliza, but let's just focus on Silverton. Silverton of course, is a previous producer from 80 years ago. High-grade silver, in Nevada, sitting right next to a highway. And what we're seeing in Nevada with a number of other companies is looking at projects, I call it Silver 2.0. They're looking at projects where the old miners only went down about 50 to a hundred feet in these old shafts, never had any modern exploration attached to the project. So what I like to do, and even though Silverton is already permitted ready-to-drill when we choose, I mean you’ve got to do your homework. So we just launched a radiometric and airborne magnetic survey at Silverton. Once we've done that, we're going to fly up over to Eliza and get that one done.

So what we want to do is light up up the project, see what's sitting beneath the old workings, and again, it's already permitted. Do our homework, do some systematic exploration, ensure that the dollars that our shareholders are putting in and some of the dollars that I put in are being spent appropriately. So that's one of our first projects this year is Silverton. We're going to put a program on that one going forward. And again, like I mentioned, Eliza is next and news will be coming pretty quick on that. So we're ahead of schedule a bit, which is good. Season's got to get going.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. So it sounds like you and I will be having a conversation about Eliza soon. It's always good to have some consistent news flow over the summer. You know how it goes with the whole "sell in May, go away" attitude that a lot of people take. I pride myself in being a contrarian. That's kind of when I look to add to positions that I think are quality positions when nobody's looking and people are on vacation. It sounds like you're of the same mindset being that you just took down 17% of the financing.

Peter Ball: Yeah, I mean, no better time. Right now we're doing the prep work, like you said. We will be definitely talking about the Eliza project, which is a really interesting project. We can save that conversation for another day. But there's some really high-grade silver, but Eliza has some really interesting high-grade copper. Copper is one of the hot metals right now in the market. So it's good that Eliza has this flavor down there. And you know, you get into these surveys, you take a couple, three days to do, in and out. You crunch the data over the next couple of weeks. So in the meantime, yeah, we'll talk about Eliza when that news goes out. And this is all preparation for the summer and make sure we get these drill programs that we promised, or the exploration activities that we promised accelerated on in our projects in Nevada.

And then, we'll talk about Silver Strand, which I’ll actually be on site up in Idaho in two weeks with not only our chief geologist Phil Mulholland but also our new technical advisor Don Birak. He actually built or helped build Coeur Mining from day one up to a billion dollar company as the ex-senior vice president of exploration. So having Don's eyes up in Idaho and Nevada, it's going to really help us.

Gerardo Del Real: Looking forward to the future conversation. Peter, thank you for your time as always.

Peter Ball: Beautiful. Enjoy your weekend. Take care.

Gerardo Del Real: All right. Same.