Almadex Minerals Ramps-Up North American Copper-Gold-Silver Exploration

Almadex Minerals (TSX-V: DEX)(OTC: AAMMF) — currently trading around C$0.28 per share — has announced that its partner on the Willow porphyry copper property, Abacus Mining (TSX-V: AME), has commenced a 2,400-meter, 4-hole drill program to test the Luhr Hill porphyry target.

The 25,300-acre property is located within the prolific Yerington copper camp southwest of Reno, Nevada — an area known for its large porphyry copper deposits, including the Yerington porphyry from which Anaconda Mining (TSX: ANX) previously produced around 1.6 billion pounds of the red metal.  

Based on past work by Abacus, which is earning-in 75% from Almadex, the Luhr Hill porphyry target is at least 1.5 km by 1.5 km in size; drill-testing is planned for approximately 600 meters depth.

Additionally, at the 5,930-acre Davis/Paradise Valley gold project — also in Nevada and of which Almadex holds the rights to earn-in 100% — DEX is currently compiling results of a recently completed work program with potential for additional field work to commence before year-end.

And finally, at the company’s 100%-owned, 2,440-acre San Pedro gold-silver property in Jalisco State, Mexico, Almadex is currently mobilizing a team and rig to the site for drill-testing prior to year-end.

Almadex chairman, J. Duane Poliquin, commented via press release:

“We are pleased to see that drilling is underway at the Willow project, Nevada. The Willow project is one of several of our directly owned and optioned properties that could be drilled this year, pending receipt of the necessary permits and allocation of budgets. We are also excited by the potential of the Davis/Paradise Valley project to add substantially to shareholder value, and to once again be drilling another prospective property in Mexico. Finally, we are very pleased to be working with high quality companies as a drill contractor, and happy to be putting some of our hardware to work when we are not using it ourselves.”

As always, our own Gerardo Del Real has been providing all the key insights into Almadex’s multi-project successes and drilling news in the pages of his Junior Resource Monthly newsletter including exclusive interviews with CEO, Morgan Poliquin.

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