Digital Dispatch preview issue

Starting your week off right… our own Gerardo Del Real brings words of wisdom on maximizing your access to not only his own invaluable insights and recommendations but also those of our full team of seasoned financial editors — including yours truly — at our sister site Daily Profit Cycle.

For those who may not know, Daily Profit Cycle offers insightful market commentary and actionable investment ideas across multiple sectors with virtually no stone left unturned. We’re talking everything from strategic metals and energy to marijuana and private placements.   

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And the BIG, BIG breaking news along that front is the launch of our newest publication — Digital Dispatch.


Digital Dispatch, as the name might imply, covers the redhot tech/AI sector, plus more, and represents the collaborative effort of our own John Carl and Chris Curl. Now, I don’t need to tell you that tech and AI have been the main drivers of the market’s recent record breaking performance. But what I will tell you is that the dynamic duo of Mr. Carl and Mr. Curl is off to an astounding start with multiple triple-digit winners already under their collective belt.

John and Chris

And to prove it, the guys have been kind enough to make available to you, as a loyal Resource Stock Digest reader, an exclusive free preview of Issue No. 1 of Digital Dispatch.  

Inside, John and Chris cover the current state of AI, why microprocessor manufacturers are scrambling, the future of Tesla, and much, much more. The inaugural issue also includes a detailed portfolio update… plus a look ahead to the next high profit potential AI stock recommendation. 

It’s one you definitely do NOT want to miss!

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Together, we have you covered no matter which market sectors pique your interest the most. With that in mind, please enjoy this sneak preview of Digital Dispatch on us. 

Yours in profits,

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest