New Uranium Report: How High & How Long

We've got ourselves a good old fashioned commodity bull run, specifically in uranium.

I don't know if you know anything about uranium stocks, but the last time they went on a significant bull run, starting in around 2005, some of them went up over 100,000%... Allowing investors to turn $1,000 dollars into over $1 million.

Our subscribers are already making money on this uranium bull run because we had them positioned ahead of when it started.

Some of the stocks we've recommended in the uranium space have already been up over 100% and 200%.

One of them has received a buyout offer already. And we think that stock is going to go even higher.

Your accolades and questions are pouring in, like from Jack B., who says:

"Congratulations, Gerardo. Today uranium stocks are moving. You called this one early! I'm inclined to sell enough shares to cover the cost… then let some run! What I would like is your take on how to best play this good call now? Thanks for this one."     —Jack

A couple of things...

Gerardo has a brand new report out on the uranium space that you should check out. We’ll be mailing it out tomorrow.  

He has several uranium recommendations in it that you can buy right now.

We think this uranium bull market is going to last for a while, and Gerardo has specifics for as far as:

  • How long this uranium run could last 
  • How high he thinks the price of uranium can go
  • How high some of his recommended uranium stocks could go

Remember, last time the uranium market kicked off… the spot price went up to around $140 a pound.

And currently, it's only around $50 a pound.

So, it still has room to triple itself.

And of course, the uranium stocks, specifically the smaller explorers and developers, some of which I and Gerardo and our members helped finance before the uranium bull market kicked off… They go up by many multiples.

Some like Paladin Energy went up over 130,000% in the last bull market, for example.That’s $1,000-to-$1.3-million type returns. Or $100 to $130,000. Literally turning $100 into enough to pay off your house.

Those are the sort of outsized returns we look for when we speculate in the resource sector.

And like I say, this uranium bull market is just kicking off for lots of reasons, which Gerardo outlines in his new report, alongside several recommendations that you can use to get started investing in the uranium space, right now.

So, be sure to check it out as soon as we mail it out tomorrow morning.

Call it like you see it, 

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Resource Stock Digest

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