Uranium Bull Market Thesis

I am back from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. 

After a missed flight, the universe decided to compensate by keeping me an extra day and a half as bad weather and icy roads back home in Austin led to flight cancellation after flight cancellation. 

While I wasn’t at the actual conference as long as I expected to be, the interactions before and after (including during my delays) were very informative and why I went in the first place.

Here’s my quick take.

The uranium crowd is very excited. They sense what’s coming. 

Uranium Bull Market Thesis

Nick presented and was on a panel with Rick Rule, among others, talking all things uranium. Y’all know how bullish I am on the uranium space, and the quality equities, but if you think I’m excited you should’ve seen the people that were on the floor (because all the seats were taken) listening to every word while Nick went over his thesis. 

It’s not a new one to those of you that have followed him for some time but it was new to a lot of people and they were as receptive a crowd as I’ve seen for some time.

I highlight that to explain to you that you’re ahead of the curve by being positioned in quality lithium, uranium, copper and yes, even gold equities.

The masses haven’t caught on yet and though they will do well because it’s early in the uranium bull market – both Nick and I like to position our readers before the masses – you have an early advantage that you should take advantage of.

We’ve already enjoyed triple digit gains in the uranium space and some of the smartest people in the space think we’re only in the first third of this uranium bull market. 

The real fun really doesn’t start until halfway through, especially if you’re positioned early.

Nick and I have been hard at work putting together a special report on the companies that have positioned themselves perfectly for the next two thirds of the game in the uranium space. 

We hope you’ll benefit from it.

We certainly will.

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest