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Dear Investor,

Gold stocks are primed, locked and loaded for a MASSIVE 1,200% explosion in value.

And that’s just in the next 6 months!

Much higher gains are in store as gold stocks really begin kicking into high gear in 2021 and beyond.


I’ll be proving it to you over the next few minutes…

And not just me.

You’ll be hearing from 5 of the world’s most renowned — and wealthy — experts on gold.


They’ve made fortunes for themselves and for their clients — using very short gold windows over the past half century — to rake in $BILLIONS.

And after laying low for nearly a full decade, they’re back at it again — and this time YOU have an opportunity to join them.

Because the next massive wealth creation opportunity in one of these very short, yet very lucrative gold windows is now underway.

In previous gold cycles, they collected stratospheric gains of 6,150% on Silver Standard.


They banked a never-before-seen windfall profit of 8,900% on Pan American Silver.


And they witnessed a MASSIVE 8,470% profit on Arequipa Resources.


Access to gains like these has already spurred 112 of the world’s top billionaires into a mad rush to snap up as much of the yellow metal as they can…

Billionaires like Jacob Rothschild, Ray Dalio, and George Soros.

If you’d only had access to these same industry secrets during gold’s last bull cycle in 2008, you could have made king-sized returns like:

1,067% on Northern Superior…

1,673% on Goldquest Mining…

2,588% on Condor Gold…


Look, whether or not you choose to believe me… just know that another gold and gold-stock price explosion… just like the ones I just showed you… is starting right now.

And how YOU choose to act today could very well decide your financial fate for 2020, 2021, and beyond…

You see, investors who get in on the ground floor stand to enjoy runaway profits of up to 1,200% in just 6 short months…

And the secret insights I’ll soon be revealing could see you leverage that 1,200% windfall into MUCH LARGER WINS!

And the true beauty is — anyone can achieve these gains.

You DON’T need a degree in finance…

You DON’T need an in-depth knowledge of the markets or the gold sector.

And you DON’T need to know any complex strategies or trading setups.

Because... all of the hard-work has been done for you.

With a combined net-worth measured in the $Billions, these five men have profited from almost every market rally AND every market drop since 1971…

So they’ve already done the work for you MULTIPLE times over.

Soon, I’ll be explaining everything in more detail… but for now… take a look at the S&P Commodity Index chart.

Every single time this chart hits GOLD, a massive money-making window opens in gold and resource stocks.

And in these profit-windows, the market-average returns are as much as 1,200%...

And that’s just the average.

You see, these investing legends routinely pulled off quadruple-digit wins of 2,200%, 4,000% and 6,500% like clockwork.

And now, after 10 years, that same money-making window in gold is wide open once again!

Combined with unprecedented government debt loads, negative interest rates, and widespread dollar debasement, all of the ingredients are now present for a “perfect storm” in gold…

A “perfect storm” that could turn this gold bull rally into one for the record books.

Those who go in with a modest investment of $20,000 could see it transformed into $260,000 by year’s end…

And a sizable $100,000 investment could be turned into a landmark profit of $1.3 million…

How do I know?

Because we’ve done it. Multiple times over.

And our record is here for all to see… front and center… in black and white.

In the 1970s, one of our experts sent shockwaves through the investing world when he bagged a history-making profit of 6,500% on Coeur Mining …


Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, they collected even more market-crushing profits…

Like an astronomic 4,000% profit on SSR Mining.


And in gold’s previous bull run following the 2008 Financial Crisis, the profit-taking was even greater…

...with one of our experts collecting a never-before-seen profit of 8,900% on Pan American Silver.

The Next 1200% Gold Profit Window is
Opening Right Now


Let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Mike Fagan.


That’s what I do for a living!

I’m the son of mining pioneer, Brian Fagan – creator of the Prospect Generator model…

...a breakthrough model in 1980 — that’s today widely used by successful mineral exploration companies all around the world.

While still a teenager, I staked countless gold and silver properties in Nevada…

...and had the very rare and profitable experience of having one of them, the Santa Fe Mine, put into production by a major Canadian mining company via the Prospect Generator model.

With generations of the Fagan family involved in this business, you could say… I have mining in my blood.


I’ve even explored pre-colonial silver mines in Guanajuato, Mexico…

One way or another, I have been closely involved with natural resources since the early ‘80s.

But what sets me apart is... I put in the hard yards…

I burn the shoe-leather…

Whether that’s jetting between resource investment conferences in multiple time zones…

Or doing boots-on-the-ground inspections in far-off mining sites...

I’ve dedicated my entire career to the natural resource mining space.

Since 1995, I’ve forged relationships with many of the biggest names in the industry…

Legendary investors who have amassed $Billions in wealth for themselves and their clients.

And through these connections, I’ve put together one of the most profitable precious metals investment letters you can imagine… Hard Asset Digest.

Since inception, it has handed members MASSIVE profit-taking opportunities…

Triple-digit wins of 100%, 214%, and 342% in just 2 short months…

Including just nailing 150% on Alacer Gold as it surged before merging with industry heavyweight SSR Mining earlier this year… creating a brand new mining giant with operations on 3 continents and an equity value of nearly $3 Billion.


And those are just our buy-and-hold picks that serve as the ‘foundation’ of Hard Asset Digest…

Our shorter-term, higher-tier position plays gave members opportunities to pocket lightning-fast gains up to 77% in as little as 8 DAYS!

And not only that…

Our timely market forecasts have routinely saved members from financial ruin…

In October 2019, none of the “experts” believed us when Hard Asset Digest was sounding alarm bells and getting members into position ahead of the coming economic collapse and gold boom…

...a full 4 months before the Nasdaq, S&P, and the Dow began their dramatic 36% Corona-induced decline…

How is it that our forecasts are correct time and time again?

Because the fact of the matter is…we don’t have an innate knack for fortune-telling…

It all comes down to one thing…

Exclusive access to 5 titans of the natural resource industry that have seen these cycles before and know, full well, how they play out.

And when you know where the market is headed…

In which direction the $Billions are flowing…

You can get ahead of these massive moves in gold stocks AND your portfolio will have Gibraltar-like security.

You’ll have a work-free path to effortless triple-digit wins… whether the market is going up OR down.

As the saying goes…

It’s talent that will take you to the top…but it’s integrity that will keep you there.

And the illustrious careers these 5 men have achieved… which collectively spans over 200 years… is proof positive of that.

In a moment, I’ll introduce you to these 5 investing legends and how their insights will take you from a market novice to a market-crushing veteran with Hard Asset Digest.

I’ll disclose evidence that proves that gold, silver, and other precious metals stocks are set for a NEAR-TERM price escalation of up to 1,200%…

And I’ll let you in on the one stock that could leverage gold’s breakout by a further 3X…

…handing you peaceful, worry-free sleep well into retirement… for the rest of your life…

AND…completely transforming your life, and of those around you, because…

The Current Gold Run is Set to
Blow The Roof Off All Previous Records

If past is prologue, then the gold bull market we’re in now could be the greatest in a generation.

You see, what money managers and “expert” advisors have never told you is that gold lives, breathes, and moves in cycles.

The chart I just revealed gives you an inside peek into the hidden rhythm of the gold markets.

It puts where we are, and what to do, in clear-as-day context.

It charts the ratio of the S&P Commodity Index (much of which is made up of top-performing gold stocks) versus the S&P over the past 50 years.

When the line is rising, and moving from green to red, that’s when gold stocks are getting more expensive relative to equities…

On the flip-side, when it’s falling from red to green, that’s when gold is getting cheap relative to equities…

And over the long sweep of history, this indicator has proven to be the quickest path to investment riches.

As long as you buy when the window is wide open.

That’s the secret hiding in plain sight that we’ve used to rack up thousands of percent gains over past gold cycles.

And that window is wide open once again!

Which means, there has NEVER been a better opportunity to invest in the gold sector.

The economic shutdown, ongoing currency debasement, and stock market mania have all combined to create a “perfect storm” for gold…


…the likes of which we’ve NEVER witnessed in our lifetime.

We expect this could take gold stocks higher than the 1,200% upper band they’ve returned in previous cycles.

And that it could last much longer… up to four years … which means YOU could make more money — by the end of 2024 — than you could ever spend.

And like ALL investment opportunities, the BIGGEST GAINS will go to those who get in on the ground floor…

Profits of 200%, 500%, and even 1,200% will seem like chump change for the early movers.

That’s because the stocks I’ll soon disclose could hand you leveraged gains of 3x, 5x, or even 10x, for every one uptick in gold.

Now look…

My connection with these 5 investing legends goes back decades…

I’ve come up with these guys…

I’ve watched them pick up the tab for entire rooms at restaurants…

I’ve seen them build their West Coast real estate portfolios.

I’ve seen their fine art, fine wine, and fast car collections…

For nearly 4 decades, I’ve seen them catch every market cycle — nailing every open gold window — and creating worry-free wealth…

All up, I’ve seen first-hand the beautiful lifestyle that wealth affords them.

And with this next gold bull market, they’re set to become wealthier than ever — and take you along with them — via the stock recommendations and guidance in Hard Asset Digest.

There’s a saying in the mining industry: In the room, in the deal.

These guys have been responsible for some of the most lucrative gold mining deals in history.

And now they’re bringing you in the room with them.

So you’ll know EXACTLY what gold stocks to buy for MAXIMUM profit.

Let me introduce you to them real quick.

Hard Asset Digest’s
Five Gold Investing Legends

First up is Rick Rule…this man needs no introduction to the intelligent gold investor.


A self-made MULTI-MULTI MILLIONAIRE, and CEO of Sprott US Holdings, he was able to turn $15 million into $460 million for himself and his clients between 1998 and 2006.

He helped build companies like Silver Standard from the ground up alongside Bob Quartermain — reaping 6,150% gains.


Rick was in the initial financing of Pan American Silver with legendary resource pioneer Ross Beaty.

That company’s shares went from 50-cents to $45 — turning every $10,000 of his and his clients money into a million dollars.


Rick was happy to join up with Hard Asset Digest and our other experts.

He told us that after experiencing numerous tenbaggers over his 40 year career in the resource sector that:

I’m looking forward, during the course of this cycle, to repeat that experience on several occasions.

And now YOU can join him for the ride while the window is still wide open.

Next up, we have Mr. James Dines, who has been making world-renowned calls in the movement of gold and gold stocks since the 1960s.


His contrarian predictions are the stuff of legend and have made him a regular in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and 60 Minutes.

Barron’s has called him “The Original Gold Bug!”

He was telling his readers to buy gold and silver as the window opened up before the run in the 1970s — getting his clients into gold at $35 an ounce before it ran to $850.


He predicted the silver boom of 1980…

The rare earths boom of 2011…

The crypto boom of 2017 … along with countless other DEAD-ON market calls.

Among his top gold stock wins — Agnico Eagle Mines — which shot up a whopping 2,168% not long after his recommendation.


As a Hard Asset Digest member — his Top Picks — are now YOUR Top Picks — in the current gold cycle.

Hard Asset Digest also has you covered on the bullion side of the gold space with Van Simmons — the world leading expert who literally co-created the standard by which all gold coins are graded.


Van is the cofounder of the “Professional Coin Grading Service,” — the largest rare coin grading service in the world. Apart from revolutionizing the rare coin industry, Van is regarded as the #1 coin merchant in the US.

With a pedigree dating back to the 1970s, his industry insights have helped his clients unearth hidden fortunes of up to $425,000 on a single coin.

And let me just say…. Van’s clients run the entire gamut…

…from A-list celebrities and professional athletes… to politicians and world leaders so prestigious we can’t disclose their names here.

Next, we have Brent Cook who will be giving us his insights on all things mineral exploration.

Having worked in over 70 countries over the span of 30-plus years, Brent is one of the most experienced and respected field geologists on the planet.


His insights and consulting services are regularly sought by the biggest miners in the world…

…companies like Rio Tinto Mining, Barrick Gold, Freeport McMoran, and Newport Mining.

If there’s a hot new discovery area anywhere in the world… Brent will be one of the first to visit it, examine its geologic merits, and then tell you, straight up, whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned investment dollars.

Finally, rounding out our team is Jeff Phillips who’ll be helping us profitably navigate market-timing and additional hard asset opportunities beyond gold… just as he’s done as the President of Global Market Development for decades now.


Over his 30-plus years in the resource sector, Jeff has gained the respect of the industry and is considered among the top boutique resource bankers around.

Years before the hidden fortune in rare earths metals hit the financial press…

…before billions of dollars were poured into this industry…

And before some of them climbed over 1,000%…

He was already financing several of these miners for pennies on the dollar.

And time and again he has been an early entrant, financier, and consultant to resource companies whose stocks have gone on to explode in value by 2,000%, 4,000%, and even more…

So… you get the idea.

These 5 guys aren’t your typical overhyped financial newsletter writers. They aren’t fake gurus.

Each of them, in their own right, is a world leader in what they do in the resource space.

And they’ve built the extraordinary wealth to prove it.

For this current GOLD BULL RUN, these 5 experts are combining their unique skill-sets to guide you — as a member of Hard Asset Digest — to immense wealth-creation in gold…

…the kind you can pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Hard Asset Digest is Set to Revolutionize
The Gold Investment Sector…
And Hand You An Absolute Fortune

Every single time gold stocks have touched their oversold bottom, the price explosion has been stratospheric…

For decades this pattern has played out like clockwork…

Nine times over the past 40 years, the gold index has bounced off its bottom and gone on to extraordinary gains very quickly.

In some cases as much as 1,200% and in as little as nine months.

And I’m not talking about the household-name gold producers. Or the most leveraged junior gold stocks that have a history of delivering incredible multiples of the index.

You see, while the “average” upside potential in these gold upcycles is 1,200%…

…there are unique strategies our experts use to leverage those gains by 3x, 5x, and even more…

Think of it like a golden pyramid.

The base is where you can expect the maximum “average” upside of 1,200% in gold stocks.

These are the gold stocks that should be in anyone’s portfolio looking to harness these kinds of gains.

You can expect multiple such investment ideas in each and every issue of Hard Asset Digest.

Starting with the first gold investment I’ll tell you about today, which is perfectly positioned to harness that 1,200% upside.

I’ll also show you the way these guys make much more than that during a gold market like the one that’s now underway.

Not only are these 5 men already off to a roaring start in 2020 … they see the NEXT FOUR YEARS going down in the history books as the most lucrative gold bull run of all-time!

Multiple Guaranteed Shots
At Triple-Digit Profits

Since the inception of Hard Asset Digest in October of 2019 in anticipation of this gold bull market... our advisory board’s stock picks have already handed members MULTIPLE triple-digit wins.

We’ve been putting together this publication for some time now, but our experts said not to launch it until late in 2019.

And boy were they correct, as usual, about when the gold window would fly open…

Revival Gold — UP a colossal 342% in just 2 short months…

Ely Gold Royalties — UP a jaw-dropping 410% since January.

Azarga — UP an incredible 214% in under 30 days.


Those are just a few of the winners everyone at Hard Asset Digest has already received.

Yet this is the just first salvo in a wave of gold profits we expect to continue for the 4 short years while this gold cycle remains in full play.

It’s almost too easy when you’re getting the picks from the guys who’ve helped put many of these companies together AND know all of the players on a first name basis.

Remember, in previous cycles Rick Rule financed miners like Silver Standard – collecting jaw-dropping gains of 6,150% in the process.

That’s akin to turning a $10,000 investment into a COOL MILLION … in a single trade!


And Pan American Silver – where he collected a once-in-a-lifetime windfall of 8,900%.


All this while Jeff Phillips was trailblazing a path as an early pioneer in the U.S. rare earths sector…

Financing high-risk ventures which paid off in spades…like Quest Rare Metals which shot up an astronomic 3,181% in 2 short years…

And Tasman Metals which delivered life-changing profits of 5,000% from 2009 to 2011.


And with Hard Asset Digest gains like these are exactly what’s on offer this time around…

…from the same guys who’ve done it all before.

It’s like your own personal gold hedge fund team working for you around the clock.

Rick Rule on M&A…

Brent Cook and Jeff Phillips on quality exploration and development companies.

Van Simmons with his infinite knowledge on all things coin and bullion related.

And Jim Dines with his legendary timing and trendspotting…making the correct calls time and time again.


These guys have stood the test of time — through boom and bust — as the go-to names in the resource space for decades upon decades.

Now — with Hard Asset Digest — they’re giving YOU full access to their insights and stock picking prowess for this new gold bull market.

Starting with the first pick you should be buying right now as part of the foundation of any quality gold stock portfolio.

This Unusual Company Could Be The Single
Best Gold Business In North America

As this gold rally picks up steam and the financial press gets wind of it…

Everyday folks will commit the exact same investing mistakes as the rest of the mainstream herd.

They’ll underperform by using ETFs… or worse, get corralled like sheep into TV and Internet-based coin and stock scams.

As you are about to learn, there’s a quicker, safer, and stress-free way to capitalize on gold.

Our experts say it could very well be the single greatest gold company of all time…

Giving you similar upside to the top mining stocks…

…but providing you a virtually guaranteed income even if prices unexpectedly drop.

Serving over 200,000 clients worldwide, and with $14 billion in assets under management, it has been referred to as the Goldman Sachs of Gold Companies.

And being in multiple facets of the industry, it hands you up to 7 ways to profit from a bull market in gold.

It’s not a developer, explorer, mining, or royalty company…

But during gold bull markets… it gets a cut of each of their upside profit…

…and it hands you quality exposure to ALL aspects of the precious metals sector…

Be it gold bullion — silver mine financing — platinum and palladium trusts — the list goes on and on.

And that’s why it’s perfectly positioned to make a killing in this current gold bull market for the ages…

...all without exploring, developing, or producing a single ounce of the yellow metal.

Being the largest secured lender for mine construction in North America, think of it as an investment banker for multi-billion dollar gold operations.

Yet despite collecting millions a day from gold… whether the market is going up OR down…

…what got us interested is the unusual way it goes about it.

It’s an approach that carries potentially less financial risk than even some of the top gold royalty players…

Companies like Osisko, Wheaton Precious Metals, and Franco Nevada.

That’s because this company isn’t limited to collecting their royalty-type payment on any single mining operation…

They’re able to collect it on the entire gold market itself.

A worldwide gold market that’s valued at close to $8 trillion…

Whose physical side alone is worth $170 billion.

You see, they’re able to collect these royalty-type payments on the desire of investors to own gold…

So even if the market stays flat, and gold goes absolutely nowhere, this company could still hand investors extraordinary gains.

Best of all — in a gold bull market like the one we have today — everything is lining up for supercharged gains… gains that should continue to build and build for years to come.

And because this isn’t a wild bet on staking the next gold claim in the middle of the Serengeti…

This company could continue collecting its royalty-type payments, from millions of investors across the globe, indefinitely.

And by being involved in multiple facets, it gives you MULTIPLE WAYS to profit.

Backed by the biggest, wealthiest, and most historically successful names in the mining space, it has offered a rock-solid 3.2% dividend for many years.

No matter how you play this, what you are getting is potentially the safest gold business with leveraged, top-miner-level returns.

And remember when I mentioned that it was the largest secured lender in North America?

Well, last year the Fraser Institute released its latest Mining Survey Index – showing the safest places for mining worldwide.


And of the top 5 mining regions… 4 were located in North America.

That’s just one more reason why it’s a safe and secure long-term investment.

And that’s all without mentioning its history-setting venture in cryptocurrencies…

Creating the world’s first, fully redeemable, gold-backed crypto, with two of the world’s top five gold miners already signed on as partners.

It is forward-looking ventures like these that saw its price shoot up an impressive 300% during gold’s previous bull market…

And it’s the reason why its price has already  ballooned by 65% in just the last couple of months… 

…right in line with the eruption of gold prices worldwide.

And with every day that passes, time is running out to get in on the ground floor.


I’d like to send you all of the details in a free report that is literally the culmination of decades of work by some of gold’s most legendary minds.

It’s called: The Book of Levi: Picks & Shovels for the New Gold Bull Market.

It’s free for those watching today. And you’re going to need it.


It’s Here…The Stampede Into The Only
Asset In History That Holds Real Value

Time and again, like clockwork, it is two little factors that drive a stampede of money into gold…

Rising debt…

And government money printing.

Not only does our national debt stand at over $25 trillion, our interest payments alone on that debt will soon surpass the spending on our defense sector…


And remember, we spend more on defense than the next 20 countries combined.

Let those numbers sink in for a minute…

And what has been the response?

Our government’s CARES Act and the Fed’s asset-buying program pumping trillions worth of liquidity into the market…

$2.25 trillion was added in only 10 weeks!

That’s nearly $1.23 billion per hour…

Or more than $350,000 per second.

It has debased the dollar, smashed bonds, and pulled interest rates into negative territory.

The fact is… you cannot get rid of debt simply by writing checks to yourself…

…even if the Federal Reserve descends from its throne on Mount Olympus and says otherwise.

Warren Buffett, the biggest gold skeptic in history, has warned of “extreme consequences” from the Federal Reserve’s trillion-dollar spending spree.

So with inflation starting to rear its ugly head…

With the rate of money printing going vertical…

And with interest rates and bonds plummeting beyond zero…

There has been an absolute stampede into the safe haven of gold.

Gold coin demand has jumped 36% year-on-year…

And since late March, a record $30 billion worth of bullion has been added to Comex warehouse stockpiles…

Bloomberg is calling it “one of the largest ever physical transfers of the metal.”

Global Commodities Director Allan Finn says… the massive gold flows into New York are unprecedented in all of history.

Billions of dollars the world over are flowing into the only financial safe haven left… GOLD!

It’s why Bank of America is already expecting the yellow metal to soon hit $3,000.


And shortages of historic proportion are already here.

A recent Yahoo Finance report reveals that gold coin buyers are already paying premiums of $135 per ounce…

Up 4 times from the historic average of $35.

A recent alert from one precious metals dealer sums it up nicely:

“Due to the global pandemic...the demand is currently exceeding the available supply.”

Add it all up… and what you get is an even bigger spike in gold prices for this current cycle.

And what it means for you is the immediate opportunity to bank gains of 6- and potentially 7-figure sums of over $1,000,000 in the next 12 months.

That’s over $83,000 per month…

Or more than $20,800 per week.

But as you’ve seen, with smart money pouring into gold, the chance to get in on the ground floor is slowly disappearing.

As they continue to rise… that window will continue to close.

Hesitate for a moment and this opportunity could pass you by like a ship in the night…

How Our Insights Will Turn This Gold Rally
Into Cash for you… Starting Now

In these volatile times, it is 100% CRITICAL that each and every one of your investments has a rock-solid risk management system behind it.

And at Hard Asset Digest our risk management has been honed through 200 years of combined gold experience…

...handing clients triple-digit wins whether the markets are up, down, or going sideways.

Every month, you’ll be hearing from one of our experts via an exclusive, in-depth interview and newsletter issue compiled by yours truly.

Each one PACKED with strategies and stock ideas these guys are using in the moment to maximize their profits from this golden cycle.

You can expect up to five stock recommendations in every issue… up to 60 per year.

These are the same ideas and strategies our world-renowned gold experts are personally using.

Again, all of the hard work has been done for you … all YOU have to do is read the issues and take action.

You Need To Act Fast To Secure YOUR Wealth
Before Gold Skyrockets For The Last Time

With every day that passes, the final phase of gold’s historic bull market is inching closer to its finish line…

And your final chance at 7-figure profits is disappearing – fast.

These guys are going to rake in their cut of this gold bull cycle with or without you.

This is your chance to profit alongside them.

That’s why I want to rush you my special dossier, “The Book of Levi, Picks-and-Shovels for the New Gold Bull Market” (valued at $99) absolutely free.


This dossier reveals the #1 gold business in North America that I described to you in detail today…

The company that gives you up to 7 ways to profit from a gold bull market…

The one that should be the foundation of any smart gold investor’s portfolio.

The one on pace to smash its triple-digit profit figures from gold’s 2008 bull cycle.

You’ve seen the caliber of our expert team.

They’ve been raking in thousands of percent in every gold window since the 1970s.

You’ve seen the kind of returns they’ve delivered every single time for themselves and their clients.

And for the first time ever, I’m bringing them together — all in one place — to share their insights.

Remember what's at stake here…

The fear and the greed… the foundation for the highest returning and longest duration precious metals bull market in history…

And the ability to be guided to profits ahead of the herd by the legends that have done it before!

I’ve put them together for you. All that's left for you to do now is act.

If you're already a resource investment expert or millionaire... then you probably don't need Hard Asset Digest.

If you're not, you'll either have to do it yourself, navigating the murky world of resource stocks and this new bull market on your own…

The thousands of small companies…

The risky jurisdictions…

The hucksters that are rampant in the space.

Or you can let Hard Asset Digest navigate it for you.

If you want to see the proven insights that have led to gains like Pan American Silver going from $0.50 to $45, all you need to do is read Hard Asset Digest monthly and turn our advice into action.


In order to get started — and claim your free copy of the report — just click the button.

You’ll be surprised how little it costs.

We’ll do all the legwork from there.

Hard Asset Digest is the first service of its kind – the only service to provide access, insight, commentary and ideas from the men who are regarded as the global leaders in the natural resource space.

Hard Asset Digest the only place where you’ll be personally updated on the highest-substance and highest-caliber investment ideas in precious metals.

The type of ideas that have already helped investors grow $60,000 into $150,000 on just one investment in Alacer Gold…

Or the type that turned a solid $50,000 into an incredible $255,000 in just 4 short months with Ely Gold Royalties.

That’s because the experts we’ve brought together have over 200 years of combined experience in a variety of cycles…

And in each and every cycle they’ve been able to leverage volatility and the transfer of wealth to their advantage…

Getting themselves and their clients into position for lucrative 4-digit wins of 3,000%, 6,150%, 8,470% and even more.

The fact is… there’s nothing like this service.

And there never will be.

When we launched this breakthrough venture we had one mission, and one mission only…

To hand everyday investors access to multiple insights from the world’s best gold investors.

The type of insights that will hand you safe and easy market-crushing returns…securing your family’s future for generations to come.

The choice is yours. Join today and begin reaping the kind of stock market gains you’ve always dreamed of. Or… do nothing and get left behind with the rest of the investing herd.

Incredible Double Guarantee

At Hard Asset Digest, we're interested in building an exclusive subscriber base of highly committed investors who understand that knowledge is the key to vast wealth creation.

Since we opened the doors late last year, we’ve been elated to see the kinds of investors who’ve joined our ranks.

Everyone from investment advisors in Iowa to resource stock brokers in Vancouver, British Columbia, have signed up to see what these gold legends have to say about this new cycle.

We know investors like you demand high-caliber research. And we deliver.

To round out your precious metals investment library and to make sure you have opportunities to profit across the entire spectrum of precious metals…

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