Gold Bull Resources (TSX-V: GBRC)(OTC: GBRCF) CEO Cherie Leeden on Long Intersections of Gold Mineralization Outside of Main Resource at Flagship Sandman Gold Project, Nevada

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Gold Bull Resources — Ms. Cherie Leeden. Cherie, how are you this morning?

Cherie Leeden: I'm excited about our current results!

Gerardo Del Real: Let's get right into it! It's a great, great headline: 

"Gold Bull reports significant new gold mineralization outside of current resource at Sandman, including 90 meters at 0.6 grams per tonne gold in Nevada." 

That is fantastic! It's also shallow. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Cherie Leeden: Yeah, it's a good number; 0.6 grams a tonne over 90 meters, relatively close to surface. So that was intersected from 76 meters. So you can do some numbers in your head to work out the strip ratio to ore ratio is pretty low there. 

We've got 76 meters of overburden; now we're into 90 meters of mineralization. So those kind of ballpark numbers sound pretty good to me for future planning and future economic studies. So we're going to certainly keep drilling there and trying to add more ounces to our Abel Knoll resource.

Gerardo Del Real: And it's open in multiple directions, correct?

Cherie Leeden: Yeah, absolutely… it’s open in a number of directions. We're actually waiting on a couple of more holes from Abel Knoll which will tell us a bit more about this mineralization. And we certainly are going to have more plans to test the extension of this low-grade bulk tonnage target.

In addition to our first hole of the program — that we reported back in March — was also a sensational high-grade intersection at the same deposit, which also remains open. So there's a number of open mineralization styles here at Abel Knoll. So we've got a lot more drilling planned for later this year.

Gerardo Del Real: And holes 32 and 33 — which you're waiting on assays from — were drilled in the same area, correct?

Cherie Leeden: Yes, exactly. So those should really tell us about the continuity of the grade and the mineralization and give us an idea of whether it's going to be similar of the grade or whether it's going to be higher or lower. So that will tell us a lot and we're expecting them in the next couple of weeks.

Gerardo Del Real: How far from hole 31 are holes 32 and 33?

Cherie Leeden: They're all a few hundred meters apart. When you start looking at bulk tonnage, that can really add some ounces pretty quickly — presuming they've got the goodies in them as well. So it's going to be quite telling. 

In our announcement today… you can see there's a scale bar so we can see some are 50 meters [apart] and they go up to a couple hundred meters (see below).

 Abel Knoll drill status plan. 

So I'd encourage everyone to take a look at that cross-section that our geologists have spent hours putting together. There are some very high-grade hits also within that broader low-grade zone. So we intend to also follow up those high-grade hits.

Gerardo Del Real: We'll make sure to include the cross-section (see below). 


Abel Knoll cross section showing hole SA-0031, as well as SA-0033, for which assays are pending. 

It sounds like holes 32 and 33 are going to be important. And, of course, you also just recently commenced a Phase-2, 5,000-meter RC program. Twelve holes have been completed, right?

Cherie Leeden: Yeah, that's right. We've got those holes that are at the lab right now. And the drillers are on a little break, and then they'll be getting back to work in a month or so.

Gerardo Del Real: Assays pending… holes completed… I know you're still on the M&A trail. A lot to look forward to here the remainder of Q3 and Q4. Cherie, I want to thank you for your time. Anything else to add?

Cherie Leeden: No, I'm just looking forward to the next batch of assay results and look forward to sharing those with you and the market as well.

Gerardo Del Real: As am I. Thank you so much for your time.

Cherie Leeden: Appreciate it… thank you. Bye.

Gerardo Del Real: Alright, chat soon.