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I am not receiving my Resource Stock Digest emails

Most likely we do have your correct email address, but the emails are being sent to another folder like your spam folder. This is due to your email provider’s settings to ensure that you receive email from valid senders. However, how they identify and sort emails will sometimes cause you not to receive your newsletter.

Therefore we ask that you WHITELIST our email address. Whitelisting is the process of adding an email to an approved sender list, so emails from that sender are never moved to the spam folder. Instead, when you whitelist our email address, you are confirming that you know and trust us, the sender. This tells an email server (like Gmail) to move messages to the inbox directly. 

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If you’re still having delivery issues, you can make sure your email provider accepts all emails and doesn’t mark them as “spam.” Add us to your safe senders list by following the instructions listed here.

I have a question about my Digest Publishing subscription

Please refer to the Digest Publishing FAQs at Digest Publishing FAQs

When will I receive my first issue or alert?

Once you subscribe, you’ll have immediate access to your new report, and will receive Resource Stock Digest in your email inbox several times a week.

I’d like to contribute to Resource Stock Digest

If you would like to submit content to Resource Stock Digest please email

I want my company to be featured on Resource Stock Digest

If you’d like your company to be featured and gain exposure in Resource Stock Digest, please contact us at

Where is the best place to start to learn about resource stock investing?

You can sign up for our free investment letter right here.

You can also read our library of reports right here.

To ensure Resource Stock Digest gets delivered, please place us on your "whitelist." Add to your address book, or simply send us an email.

You may also unsubscribe at any time by requesting to do so at the bottom of any email.

Do you offer more investments than just resource stocks?

At the Digest Publishing website, we offer several newsletters that cover the entire investing industry. We offer a publication for any investment philosophy. You can view all of our offerings right here.