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Best of all, this stock is practically unknown… but not for long. It sits in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia — one of the richest endowments of metal in North America. So, when this little company begins reporting results, the whole world will know.

Incredibly, a well-known streaming company paid this tiny company $100 million for the rights to a small portion of its future mine. I’m shocked that this deal isn’t universally known, but somehow it slipped by the big investors.

I don’t know about you, but when I see that kind of money going into a tiny company, I get excited.

The best part is that this company isn’t rough camping on moose pasture and hoping to find something.

It owns a real deposit.

And when copper is at $3.00 per pound and gold is at $1,375 per ounce…the deposit has a present value of nearly 20 times the company’s current market value!

That massive disconnect is like free money for investors who get in now.

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