Hannan Metals (TSX-V: HAN)(OTC: HANNF) CEO Michael Hudson on Potentially the Best Discovery of His Career


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Hannan Metals, Mr. Michael Hudson. Mike, how are you today, sir? We have a copper bull market. We have a gold bull market. We have a silver market that is approaching the $30 level here and all of this within a backdrop of a dollar index that is firmly above the 105 level. Interesting times and a really interesting time for Hannan to continue to identify large porphyry gold copper targets at the Valiente Project in Peru. In the famous words of the artist DJ Khaled, it's another one.

Michael Hudson: Good morning from Australia, Gerardo. It's set up pretty nicely, isn't it? We've been at this for the last couple of years with JOGMEC on a sediment hosted copper system and we found very nice parts of that system. Big, nice, thick parts of that system. We've got the first permit that we've been all waiting for a few months ago into that JV area. And notwithstanding, we've been working away here in Valiente that we're going to talk about today. It's a few hundred kilometers south. It's a new porphyry system. We know all that. We've got 18 porphyries that we've identified through ground or geophysical coverage as we've flown lots of early aeromag in this area, which really unlocked it for us. We've got the first mover advantage. We've now got eight different porphyries. We've been on the ground and found mineralized at surface. And you're much more educated than I am in terms of being able to quote famous artists, but it is yet another one.

Gerardo Del Real: It is yet another one. Let's talk about this one specifically. There was a lot in the news released that speaks to potential scale. Not just here, but kilometers away, right? I really wanted to kind of touch on that because you had some figures here that were pretty compelling in the release.

Michael Hudson: Yeah, absolutely. We've got a very, very large system developing here at Previsto. So Previsto is the northern part of the Valiente Project. We have got an area down south, which we call Belen, and I draw your readers to look at the last press release and figures one and two to get their heads around the scale of this system. So Belen is 25 kilometers to the southwest of Previsto. Previsto is an area that we really only opened up socially only at the end of last year and the start of this year. So we've been working socially in that area for the last 18 months and now we've got the permissions to go in there as we've demonstrated who we are and what we do and the credibility with the local people in that area. And this area, now with the last few months of exploration, it always was our pick in terms of early exploration where we had some early exploration results, but it was always the pick of the most impressive part of the system. And I think we're starting to demonstrate that now.

Now we've got soil samples that average 0.1 gram per tonne gold. Now, that's not all grade, but it's certainly a cutoff sort of level in many mines. And we've just got soils over 1,200 meters averaging that number. We've got soils going up to 0.4 grams. You can almost put the soils through a little processing unit, that they're that impressively high. We've got boulders that are mineralized with gold and copper. This is a gold and copper system. This is an alkalic porphyry. And so we've got those boulders and soils over 1.2 kilometers that we've just started to really start sampling in detail. And you can see that the results on figure three in the PR, but what is equally more impressive, and we've got a big star on figure two, 3.5 kilometers away from that amazing soil anomaly with all the great boulders and contextual boulders that show us there's a porphyry system there with scree cover.

We've got outcrop three and a half kilometers west and northwest that there's a picture. It was put at the back of the press release, but I draw everyone's attention to the figure 10 that just is blue. Outcrop is the machete next to it, so that's copper. The blue is the copper and it hasn't got any assays yet. We just found it, but we wanted to release that there's outcropping mineralization three and a half kilometers west. We're now putting all the exploration in between those two areas just to understand how they link or relate to each other or are they separate systems and watch this space over the coming weeks to month as our new results come in from the lab, which we're all anticipating with great bated breath. So a very, very interesting discovery. It looks very much the real deal. You don't come across these things very often.

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Gerardo Del Real: No, listen, exciting times. Not just here, but elsewhere. San Martin of course is a project that is joint-ventured. A different part of the land package obviously, but it's joint-ventured with JOGMEC. How are things progressing there?

Michael Hudson: We're working towards drilling in the middle of the year. We received our permit, as I mentioned, at the start of our talk in January. That's the DIA permit. And once you get the permit, you still need a couple of smaller permits, but you're 98% of the way there. So you need a permit to initiate activities, which we put in. That's a 40 day permit, so we should be seeing that come through in the next couple of weeks. Then we could start building the platforms. Then there's another permission, which is the permission to access the water. And that comes after the initiate activities and that's a 30 day permit. So by middle of the year our expectation is that we'll be drilling at San Martin up there. And we've just gone into a new financial year with JOGMEC and they've confirmed their budget again for the next year, $2 million US. So we're all ready and poised in that project as we're making these massive discoveries in Valiente in our 100% owned area.

Gerardo Del Real: Exciting times, happy shareholder. Should be a fun, fun copper gold bull market and it should be a fun many, many year run with Hannan. Anything to add to that, Mike?

Michael Hudson: No, I've made many discoveries in my career, Gerardo, but this is shaping up to arguably be the best at this very early stage. I'm very excited.

Gerardo Del Real: Again, that's Michael Hudson, who has made many, many discoveries and including he's participating in one now through Southern Cross Gold, which is one of the most spectacular recent gold discoveries. So when Michael Hudson says that at this earliest stage this is as exciting or the most exciting discovery of his career, that's a many, many decade, without dating you, Mike, many, many decade track record of discoveries that's speaking to you, folks. Mike, thanks again for your time. Looking forward to seeing those assays when they come back.

Michael Hudson: Thanks, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: Thank you.

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