Kingsmen Resources (TSX-V: KNG)(OTCQB: KNGRF) President Scott Emerson on New Discoveries in Past Producing Silver-Gold District


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president of one of my favorite silver gold plays in the space, Kingsmen Resources, Mr. Scott Emerson. Scott, it's great to have you on. How are you today, sir?

Scott Emerson: Good. No complaints today, Gerardo. It's beautiful here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, as they say, complaints don't help anything anyway and very few people care so we might as well get on with it. Now listen, let's get to something I really care about as a biased shareholder. Kingsmen is one of my favorite ways to play this silver gold bull market that I think is going to be one for the books and going to run for many, many years. You've been able to consolidate a past producing district for the first time in the history of this district. It's going to be explored as one continuous package of land. And it's exciting to me because what was already there that we knew was there was high grade, was a lot of silver, a good gold credit on the side, some good base metal credits including copper, right? But you're now finding new stuff there and that as a shareholder gets me really excited.

So you just announced that the Soledad dos (II) as I'm calling it structure returned high grade multi-element sample results and I want to get to where this is within the land package because I think context is really important for people that maybe aren't as familiar with the story and don't understand what you've been able to put together because if they did you wouldn't have the market cap that you have right now. You'd be at many multiples in anticipation of drilling this past producing district.

Scott Emerson: Correct. Thanks, Gerardo. Just to give everybody some perspective here, this land package is approximately three square miles by three square miles. So that gives you a perspective. Within that, there was the past producing Los Colorado's mine, which we talked about and it was mined back in 1944 to 1952 by Asarco, which is Grupo de Mexico. And then through some complications and negotiations and whatnot, they left and that area sat idle up until the late 2015, '16. And then at that time, it had sporadic ownership. And again, what you had said, we went in, we consolidated that district, we know what was past produced during the time that Grupo de Mexico was there and that was produced from a structure, or we'll call it a vein system, that was called Soledad I and that's what we reported on the past couple weeks where we're getting high grade silvers.

And I think Gerardo, you touched on some of those in the interview we did. 700 grams, 900 grams, but parallel to that Soledad structure, we have what's called the Soledad II structure. There we have no records of mining. It was really under explored. There are some old pits that were there, but other than that, that's the only indication on this 1.2 kilometer structure, so it's approximately close to a mile long, that there was any activity there. So we've spent a considerable amount of time with our geological crew sampling and mapping that structure because, again, both these structures have never been drilled what we say along strike, so the length of it and they have never been drilled below the water table because they didn't have the technologies that we have now back in the '50s or late '40s, early '50s to do that.

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So what we were able to do is go in there, go back through some of the old workings, and on that structure that I talked about that's essentially a mile long, we sampled about a 1,200-meter section. So not a big section of that and those are what we put out on Thursday, those numbers. And again, what we're seeing is very high grade silvers, but unbeknownst to us, there's a very high grade gold component that we've been able to sample. And this is, I'm going to say we haven't seen this before in this area and that's really what's got us excited because we have another identified third structure all going to the northwest, which is indicative of the mines that we see in the Parral district.

And yeah. Again, that's what we're excited about. We want to put the drill rigs on there, but as I said to you prior to us hopping on the call, we want to identify the best possible targets before we go in and put our drill rigs on. And I think what's important for everyone to understand is that just takes time and a little bit of patience, but we do have our drill permit so we are able to go on and drill the minute that we're ready to do it. So that's the update.

Gerardo Del Real: I love the update, and as you know, I am always eager to use the drill bit as the single best discovery tool, but I completely appreciate, again, as a biased shareholder and someone that's written checks in the past and looks to in the future, I completely appreciate the intelligent use and allocation of capital towards the best targets because the bottom line is, when the drill bit starts turning, I absolutely want the market to recognize how special a land package you've been able to put together and just how rich I think the mineralization is going to be and if that means an extra month or two of vectoring towards and delineating the best targets, then so be it, Scott. I'll be patient.

Scott Emerson: Okay. Because there's going to be more news to come. Like I said, this is just the early start of our program. We've got a lot more to come, a lot more news to come, and then we'll put those drill rigs on there, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Looking forward to it.

Scott Emerson: That's what we do.

Gerardo Del Real: Listen, I appreciate the update. I'm looking forward to the news that you have coming and hopefully we could have you back on to discuss it. Thank you so much.

Scott Emerson: Thanks Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: All right. Cheers.

Scott Emerson: Bye-bye.

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