Mawson Gold (TSX: MAW)(OTC: MWSNF) Executive Chairman Michael Hudson on More High-Grade Gold in Deepest Hole at Sunday Creek, Victoria, Australia

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the Executive Chairman of Mawson Gold, Mr. Michael Hudson. Mike, how are you today?

Michael Hudson: I'm top of the world down under, as I like to say Gerardo. All is great. Thanks.

Gerardo Del Real: I know the share price doesn't reflect it, and it's a heck of an opportunity, but you put out one of the better releases that I've seen from Mawson Gold in quite a bit. And that's saying a lot because you've put out some blockbuster releases here recently out of Australia. Let me read the headline, and then I would love for you to provide the context.

Mawson Drills 3.0 M @ 41.4 g/t Gold and 12.0 % Antimony within 11.7m @ 12.4 g/t Gold and 3.6 % Antimony in Deepest Hole at Sunday Creek, Victoria, Australia

Those are some phenomenal numbers. And given that the system is open at depth and the system continues 10 kilometers to the east covering historic mines without a single drill hole test. I got to believe that the team is happy if not about the share price about these results, because the share price will take care of itself once we get through tax loss selling season.

Michael Hudson: That it will, and it always does as we just discussed the voting machine is on now, but the weighing machine. When people realize the value here we'll be back and all we can do is continue to put out results like this and life is good, Gerardo. It's one of the better results of my career. You don't often hit such high grades that are beautifully continuous. You know, this is not just a little nuggety system. This is if we put the drill assays out, we put the core pictures of the core and people can see just the continuity. These grades is phenomenal at the grades that you just caught called out.

The most impressive thing was this is a big step out. This was a hundred meters below the last hole. It was 500 meters from the previous hole we just put out, which was another big step out at 20 plus meters at five grams. So the system is getting better at depth, like Fosterville did. This is the direct analog of Fosterville style mineralization. You know, we're very close to all those deposits like Costerfield and Fosterville, which really haven't been understood. You know when we are really peeling back the geology here of Victoria for the first time ever in these systems. So, we see them much more resemble epithermal, high level systems and orogenic systems. And that might not mean a lot to many of your listeners, but it really focuses you on how to explore for these things and, explains how they can form these Cinderella zones that we've got here. And this is very early days, we put about six or seven thousand kilometers into Sunday Creek now over the last year. We look forward to putting these into their own vehicle where they can attract lots of capital and bring multi rigs here and really go for broke rather than just the one rig that we've got operating at the moment.

Gerardo Del Real: If it was later in the day, I might play a drinking game and take a shot every time you say Fosterville and I joke, but frankly, these types of results and the results that you've put out, this is absolutely a direct analog to that. That has to be, I described it as exciting, it has to be exciting to have a discovery of this caliber on your hands at this earliest stage in the drilling program, and be able to go ahead and move forward with the pre IPO private placement for the Australian assets that are being spun out. What does that look like for current Mawson Gold shareholders, Mike, for anyone that has any questions. And before you answer that question, let me thank you for taking time, because I know you're in between flights and made some time. I know you're at the airport right now, so thank you for making the time.

Michael Hudson: That's a pleasure Gerardo, yeah. So we're looking to take two and a half million into the private vehicle from accredited and sophisticated investors around the world. It is an investment into the private vehicle. Then we're working very hard to get to the IPO stage during the start of Q2 next year. We are going to lodge the prospectus in early March and that will see us trading around April-May, all things being equal. So, and then we'll look to raise 10 million from the public markets here in Australia and overseas, of course. So, people can participate essentially at the IPO level would be easier now for most people. And then also Mawson shareholders will own about 60% of that vehicle when it is IPOed and Mawson shareholders will benefit with an in specie distribution at some point soon after the IPO. So there's lots of ways to play here. There's ways to just hold two stocks and ride the opportunity that exists in both places. There's ways to top up in the IPO. And we are very excited and there's nothing like finding gold to create enthusiasm.

Gerardo Del Real: There's assays pending I believe for one hole from Sunday Creek. Is that accurate?

Michael Hudson: Yeah. Another big step out that was beside this 80 or 100 meter step out from this hole we just put out the other day that will come out in the new year. And we're also drilling the rig has actually taken a bit of a hiatus from Sunday Creek. It's moved to a project called Whroo, which we're putting two holes underneath an old open pit there. And again, those results will come out in the new year, but we're exploring three of the nine historic epizonal fields here in Victoria, Fosterville and Costerfield are two of them, and it's low hanging fruit. We're drilling under known systems that have really never seen modern day exploration. And this style is demonstrating itself yet again that can form these amazingly uber high grades and in systems that look continuous and very attractive.

Gerardo Del Real: After the two holes at the Whroo project. I imagine that the rig will be returning to Sunday Creek in January. Is that correct?

Michael Hudson: Correct. Our aim is to finish Whroo pre-Christmas and move the rig back just before Christmas. Ready to start again in the new year at Sunday Creek.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Mike, thank you for your time. Congrats on some phenomenal results. Looking forward to that last hole, that large step out that you mentioned if we don't chat between now and then you have yourself, a great Christmas and a great New Year, and thanks.

Michael Hudson: Thanks Gerardo, Happy Christmas to yourself and all your listeners, I'm looking forward to next year.

Gerardo Del Real: Safe travels, as am I.

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