Nevada Sunrise Metals (TSX-V: NEV)(OTC: NVSGF) CEO Warren Stanyer on Hitting 15.3 Grams/Tonne Gold over 32.3 Metres at the Kinsley Mountain Gold Project, Nevada


Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president and CEO of Nevada Sunrise Metals, Mr. Warren Stanyer. Warren, an overdue catch-up. How are you today, sir?

Warren Stanyer: I'm doing well today. We're having a nice balmy fall season here in Vancouver. So yeah, not too cold, not too wet. I can't complain.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, let's get right into it. We had a conversation off-air briefly about the disconnect between the need for gold, copper, lithium, uranium, you name it, across the board. The need for these materials, and the lack of capital that's willing to allocate in the sector right now. We were talking about how it looks like, at least to me, and I've been enacting accordingly, it looks like a generational opportunity to really make speculations at or near the bottom. We also talked a bit about how we thought 2024 was going to be much kinder to us.

So with that, you couldn't have picked a better time for your 80% partner, CopAur Minerals, operator of Kinsley Mountain, of which, of course, Nevada Sunrise owns just shy of 20% of, to release the results they released recently. 15.3 grams a tonne gold over 32.3 meters. Look, infill hole or not, that is a great, great intercept, and I think speaks to the robust nature of the mineralization. Can you provide context on those results?

Warren Stanyer: Well, one of the easy ways we have a benchmark for a result is simply multiplying grams per tonne times meters. And we call that in the business a GT, grade times thickness, and this one is one of the best holes that's been drilled on the property, with a GT of 494.19. So for example, if you had had 10 grams over 10 meters, well, that's a pretty good number, but that's a GT of 100. This is literally almost five times that. So this is up there with one of the holes that Pilot Gold drilled. We had a GT of over 500, almost 600 back in, I think it was 2014. So yeah, an exceptional result. I sincerely hope that this begins to add to the resource at Kinsley, that there will be with more drilling, probably take one more season of drilling to redo the resource calculation and make it larger.

Gerardo Del Real: What else is going on in the Nevada Sunrise portfolio? We haven't chatted on air, and frankly off-air, for a few months. I know you raised some capital. Clearly there's a thought there that some of that capital would be allocated to the 100% owned Gemini Lithium project. Can you touch on that a bit?

Warren Stanyer: Well, we're eagerly awaiting the resource calculation, the maiden resource for Gemini. It will be inferred on five holes only, but we expect to have that in the next few weeks. I'd like to promise it before Christmas because that was really the intent was to get it out in the fourth quarter. I can't necessarily promise, but I hope it will be ready by the end of this month, first week of December, and we're all looking forward to that result. The engineers have made their site visit last week, which is a prerequisite for a technical report. There's some other check assays that they do as part of the verification process, and we're ready to go. So I'm really looking forward to it.

It's a dream come true that we had Gemini all these years, never put a hole in it, and now in a matter of a year and a half or so, we've just under two years, we're at a resource estimate level. And there's lots of room for expansion, I believe. We're also working on a gravity model. We should be getting it next week from our, this is our consultant, Dr. John Aldo, former professor at the University of Texas, Dallas. He and his students did a lot of gravity work in the southwest, including the Lida Valley Basin, including Gemini. So he's building a model right now, which I am looking forward to showing everybody and just giving everyone an idea of the extent of the Gemini Basin and what could be in it.

Gerardo Del Real: It was a rough couple of quarters in the resource space as far as attracting capital, but I have to believe that given the diversity in the Nevada Sunrise portfolio, meaning you have a copper project I really like, you have Gemini, which obviously is the reason you attracted the capital recently. And then of course, Kinsley Mountain, which I've always liked and we've both thought highly of, now is once again being drilled by a technical team that seems very competent and knows how to approach not just the info part of it, but the resource expansion and some of the exploration upside. What's the reception you're getting out there, as far as the portfolio? We know where the share price is. We know it's tax loss selling season. We know it was a tough year for a lot of companies, but as far as the quality of projects in the portfolio, how are you feeling about that?

Warren Stanyer: Well, I think being in Nevada, it is the best place in the world, in my opinion, when it comes to permitting, dealing with local people. There's so many resources available, year-round access into properties, there's roads everywhere. You just can't beat Nevada, and that's where all our properties are. So whether it's lithium and we have three in a very accessible area, the Copper project is also very accessible with a former mine, just literally, well, a stone's throwaway in mapping terms. This is a VMS deposit that shows that the region has potential for more. We haven't been successful in locating that yet, just due to difficult ground conditions in our drilling. But we plan to do some more work. We need to raise money for that, but the vendors are supporting us and we're redoing our deal a bit just to extend it out in terms of payments and things like that.

So we're all getting through this time. And of course, gold rising the way it did. Well, we've been involved in Kinsley Mountain now in a joint venture since 2013, so it's 10 years, and it's come from a few old historical pits on the side of a mountain to this major exploration project with high grade gold and shallow oxide gold that could be heap leached as Alta Gold did back 30 years ago. So yeah, there's huge potential for all these sectors, all these commodities.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, and huge potential, I think, for an overdue rerating on Nevada Sunrise shares. Warren, I look forward to chatting soon. I'm looking forward to that resource estimate. I expect it'll be, although inferred, pretty robust and a great peek into the window of the potential upside at Gemini.

Warren Stanyer: I agree.

Gerardo Del Real: Thank you, Warren.

Warren Stanyer: Thanks for calling.

Gerardo Del Real: No, thank you as always for your time. I appreciate it.

Warren Stanyer: Thank you, Gerardo. Take care.

Gerardo Del Real: Cheers.

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