Revival Gold (TSX-V: RVG)(OTC: RVLGF) CEO Hugh Agro on Game-Changing Identification of High-Grade Core of Gold Mineralization at Flagship Beartrack-Arnett Gold Project, Idaho

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president & CEO of Revival Gold — Mr. Hugh Agro. Hugh, live from BMO, how are you, sir?

Hugh Agro: Yeah, virtual though it may be… yes, wonderful be with you, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: You had some excellent news today. The last time you and I chatted, we had a discussion around the lack of high-grade results that the market really was asking for. And I've got to say kudos to you and the team, Hugh, because the announcement today outlining the new high-grade gold potential at Beartrack-Arnett is being received by the market very well. 

And I suspect it's just the start of a trend that re-rates Revival higher. So let's get right into it. You announced the results of a new appraisal of drill results and the recognition of a high-grade core. How important is this to the company?

Hugh Agro: It's very important. It's game changing for us. And it's not one of those things that just happens overnight. I mean, obviously, our guys have been working on this for a while. We had, last week, drill results out from the program in 2020 that pointed us in the right direction. But we had already taken steps to start relogging core as we saw this coming together. 

We now have 14 drill holes along about one kilometer of strike and all of them have high-grade intercepts of gold. And this is the focus for us going forward for exploration; to continue to build on this high-grade potential at Beartrack-Arnett in the sulphides. 

Gerardo Del Real: Walk me through how this high-grade core is shaping up geometry-wise, right? When we talk about – and we did chat about this the last time you and I spoke – we talked about the potential for underground mining, right, a Phase-2, Phase-3 approach after the heap leach operation is restarted.

And I think this points to potentially, I mean, you talk about intersections running between 4 and 9 grams per tonne gold estimated to range between 1 to 5 meters in true width. But you just mentioned that this goes on for over a kilometer. Can you walk me through what the geometry looks like and how it hangs together?

Hugh Agro: Yes, a kilometer of strike… and remember that this is within a mineralized zone that's about 5 kilometers (more than five kilometers) in length. So there's no reason why that can't continue elsewhere in the project. 

But what we've defined with this press release today is about a kilometer, as you say, 4 to 9 grams [per tonne gold] over true widths of 1 to 5 meters. And what's particularly helpful in terms of the underground mining scenario here, is that this is in a vertical structure or near vertical structure. 

And we've got lots of continuity from what we see over 300 meters of vertical dimension and down to 500 meters of depth. So a lot of potential to add tonnes at good grades, excellent grades, here in this underground setting and beyond what we've outlined here.

So this is game changing. It really is. And as you point out, we're not going to lose focus on getting that restart of the heap leach project going. But in terms of building out a pipeline of production potential here at Beartrack-Arnett — first step is the heap leach. 

Second step, we've got a gram and a half in the open-pit mill scenario… and, now with this, clearly the potential to add high-grade underground to augment that mill process.

Gerardo Del Real: I understand you've received approval for an additional plan of operations. Is drilling following that up?

Hugh Agro: You bet! We'll be drilling as soon as we get off the snow in May. And I expect we'll be starting in the Joss area where we've got this potential to continue to grow the underground. And we'll have more to say about that in March. 

There's a few other things we're poking away at here that will be interesting to see from our program plans for the year. But let us just discuss that in March, Gerardo; it's before the board and we've got lots of work in progress.

Gerardo Del Real: Hugh, good work… congrats to you and the team! Sounds like we'll be chatting again soon.

Hugh Agro: Okay, thank you.

Gerardo Del Real: Alright… stay safe out there.

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