Rockridge Resources (TSX-V: ROCK) CEO Grant Ewing on High-Grade Gold and New Discovery at the Raney Gold Project

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Rockridge Resources, Mr. Grant Ewing, Grant, how are you this morning?

Grant Ewing: I'm doing excellent. Thanks for asking.

Gerardo Del Real: Thanks for coming on on such short notice, you had some exciting news this morning. You intersected 2.5 grams per tonne gold over 13 meters, and that contained 9.6 grams per tonne gold over two meters. And you made a new gold discovery, 250 meters West of the Main Zone. You have assays pending for two additional holes. Congratulations, I got to believe you're happy with the results.

Grant Ewing: Yeah. Yeah. We're pleased with the results of this program. Like you said, we've got a couple of holes pending still. So we embarked on this 11 hole, 3,000 meter drilling program late last year and just now we're getting the final results in. The highlight of the results thus far are this extension, potential extension of the Raney Main Zone 250 meters to the West and that area had never been drilled before. So that was quite an interesting step-out hole with very nice results.

With the down-plunge intercept you mentioned there. So it had a wide zone of highly altered rock and that graded 9.6 grams per tonne over two meters in a broader zone of 2.5 grams per tonne over 13 meters. So it's a nice results from the Raney Project and we'll continue to assess the next steps for this project after we get the full results back.

Gerardo Del Real: Thank you for that Grant. My question was going to be, how do you plan on following up the new discovery, the one that's 250 meters West of the Main Zone?

Grant Ewing: Right, so this zone was potentially existing due to this drone magnetic survey we conducted that showed a potential extension of the Raney Zone West, and with this drill hole now we indeed have a zone out there that looks quite similar to the Raney Zone. It is wide open along strike and at depth because we just have the one hole in that immediate area. So that will require follow-up to determine what happens with the Raney or with this zone West of the Raney Project.

Gerardo Del Real: The two holes that are pending, where are those located relative to the Main Zone and relative to the new discovery?

Grant Ewing: Yeah, so those holes would be further West and they tested this same magnetic low horizon that the drone magnetic survey mapped out, where there's a distinct fold in the trend. So those two holes tested that Fold Nose area. And like we said, we're just waiting for those results and we'll see what we get back in the lab when the time comes.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Excellent. Walk me through what shareholders can expect here in the next several quarters. Obviously, we have copper right at that $3.60 level, gold continues to consolidate right around the $1,855, $1,860 level. I know you have a busy 2021 plan, can you share that with us?

Grant Ewing: Yeah, certainly. So we've got two core projects, our Raney Gold Project, we were just talking about now. Our second core asset is a copper project in Saskatchewan, Canada. So a very mining friendly jurisdiction in a very high-profile geologic setting. That project will reactivate over the coming weeks here. We plan some geophysics followed by drill testing some very high priority targets around our existing Knife Lake Copper Discovery, this copper deposit. So we've got lots of activities planned over the coming weeks for this company and with a relatively small market cap of seven or $8 million Canadian. We think there's great opportunity for shareholders here.

Gerardo Del Real: I agree. Grant, thank you for coming on. I'm looking forward to having you back on when the assays come in for the two remaining holes. Thanks again.

Grant Ewing: Excellent. Thank you.

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