Scottie Resources (TSX-V: SCOT)(OTC: SCTSF) CEO Brad Rourke on Bonanza Grade Gold at Blueberry Zone

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president and CEO of Scottie Resources, Mr. Brad Rourke. Brad, I suspect you're having yourself a heck of a day. How are you?

Brad Rourke: Yeah. I'm well, thank you, Gerardo. It's been pretty busy. Phone's been ringing, that's for sure, today.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, let's tell them why the phone's been ringing. You released assays today for Holes 81 and 82. And let me read the headline number and then we'll dig into it.

Scottie Resources Reports Intercepts 16.5 g/t Gold Over 10.0 Metres and 28.8 g/t Gold Over 4.94 Metres in the Northern Blueberry Zone

It's an extension. It's new drilling on a new trend. We talked last time about the fact that you felt like you had a tiger by the tail. We're starting to see the grade. We're starting to get the structure and the continuity. You have to be excited about the release today.

Brad Rourke: Oh, certainly. You project these things out and you hold your breath. Model seems to be holding in. This went from the brand new discovery on our last hole of 2019. We tried to understand and did a tight drill program around what we found in 2019, and we came up with a theory and now these are big step outs. I mean, this is a 200 meter step out from last season's drilling and, of course, we've gone from a new discovery to 560 meters of strike. It's near surface. And then we have those bonanza grades. Yeah, it seems to be playing out. Yeah, we're quite happy. I'm very happy with the technical team, for sure.

Gerardo Del Real: You made a very, very good point in the release of mentioning, not only the fact that it's high grade and it's near surface, but that the access to the Blueberry Zone is really unique. Can you explain that for people that may be new to the project because you have a lot of new eyes that are going to be starting to follow the Scottie story?

Brad Rourke: Sure. Well, we made a news release a couple of weeks ago that was bonanza-grade, as well. And then those two are off the same patch so when we say the access is good, the pad is actually just... We just drilled off the road. We had to kind of widen it to get trucks in around from where the drill was, so access is great. And, of course, the road infrastructure is one thing but the Pretium power line is right there on our property border, right there on site.

And again, following up on the Scottie Gold Mine we kind of have a bunch of zones working for us, but we're really just focusing the first packet of stuff on Blueberry where we started drilling. But yeah, we seem to be having great success. We know there's a mill being built, as we speak, 20 kilometers down the road with Ascot and, yeah, we're just happy that what we projected is playing out

Gerardo Del Real: Assays still pending, correct?

Brad Rourke: Oh, gosh. Lots. We've just started the news cycle. I mean, we've done 14,500 meters. I might be short a few meters there but that's kind of what we completed for the season. Like I say, we've got a lot more Blueberry holes to come, let alone what we have on the other three zones we're working on, whether it's Scottie, Domino or the Georgia River.

So, oh, no. Lots. I mean, we have core from Blueberry that hasn't even been logged yet sitting in the shop, so hopefully they run as nice as what we've been seeing because we won't get those assays for another two and a half months. I think we have 2,000 meters of core we haven't logged yet so we're trying to get caught up there. So we've got lots of news coming over the next two, three months,

Gerardo Del Real: An exciting way to start Q4. Looking forward to those assays. Brad, thank you so much for your time today.

Brad Rourke: Wonderful, Gerardo. Nice speaking with you.

Gerardo Del Real: All right. We'll chat soon.