Scottie Resources (TSX-V: SCOT)(OTC: SCTSF) CEO Brad Rourke on Hitting High Grade & Extending Blueberry Zone on Aggressive Step Out

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president and CEO of Scottie Resources, Mr. Brad Rourke. Brad, how are you today?

Brad Rourke: I'm great today. Thanks. Doing really well.

Gerardo Del Real: Good to have you back on. You just reported… well, let me read the headline number and I'll let you provide the context and then we can get into Newcrest and the news there, which is really, really bullish for the region. But the headline today reads:

Scottie Resources Reports Intercept of 12.0 g/t Gold Over 6.05 Metres and Extends Blueberry Zone 100 Metres to the South

That's obviously a pretty aggressive step out. You have to be encouraged by that. I want to get your take on it, but we have to talk about Newcrest coming in and writing a pretty significant check. You want to provide some context there?

Brad Rourke: Well, no, it's great for the area. I think everybody's been speculating that Pretium was on the block and so congratulations to the Pretium shareholders and it's just nice to see, and the fact that we're neighbors, I got a long, long border with Newcrest now. I think that it's great. At the end of the day, just will encourage people to look harder at Scottie and the rest of it. It's good for all of us in the area so I welcome that news and the timing couldn't have been perfect. I saw that news release yesterday afternoon and I already had mine lined up to go this morning so I felt fortunate for timing.

Gerardo Del Real: Look, it helps to have a neighbor like Newcrest next door when you're hitting the kind of widths and the kind of grades on hundred meter step outs. How encouraged are you by that hit? I know that the labs have been a little bit slow and there's assays pending, but walk me through this set of results and then kind of what comes next.

Brad Rourke: Sure. This is our third release for this season. Scottie haven't been as hamstrung by the assay labs, even though we're just three holes that we put out today. We've extended that strike meter, but I'd like to just reiterate that 25 months ago, we had no clue of any of this in well less than 10,000 meters drilling. We've come out with 650 meters worth of strike, and then we've gone down that ...

What's interesting about that 12 gram over six meter hole, it's depth. It's about 170 meters down and it's in between. It's 100 meters from two different areas. It's kind of filled in between two areas that we're working really well so it gives us a lot of confidence that we can fill things in there.

Then of course, that strike length going to 650 meters with the amount of drilling we've done, it's extraordinary for us. Again, with that long section, people can start visualizing going, and we still have 22 holes coming from Blueberry for this season yet. What I can say is what we identified is that there's mineralization between the sediments and volcanics and it's running north-south. Everything previously was in east-west type of structures. 80% of our holes hitting this contact have hit encouraging mineralization. That's also something that's exciting for us with 80% of your holes are hitting.

I think again, we'll just keep feeding the market some news and just encourage people to just look at what we have. There's a lot of value there.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, as you mentioned, over 3,000 meter of drill results still pending, excited to see those numbers, excited to be able to start getting a better sense of the geometry. You mentioned the structures and the technical success that this year's drilling at Blueberry has been. I think that with every release, it's pretty clear to me that the team has a much better handle on the mineralization and the structures. I think it's shown up in the assays.

Brad Rourke: Well, for sure. It's been theory for us, but the theory's playing out so that's exciting. That 3,000 meters just Blueberry, I still have 5,000 meters at the Scottie goldmine that I haven't seen yet. I have 2,000 at Domino. We have over 10,000 meters that I haven't seen yet for this season. That equates to 50% of total drill holes I've ever done in three years so lots more news coming. If we can continue with the consistency we had, I think we're in really good shape.

Gerardo Del Real: I agree. I think we end the year with a very strong gold price. I think 2022 is finally the year that gold kind of gets it's day in the sun. I'm looking forward to that. Congrats on the release, congrats on the activity in the region and we'll chat soon again.

Brad Rourke: Hey, that's wonderful. Hey, you know what else I'll throw in, Gerardo, is that imminently I'll have a QV listing in the US so it makes it a lot easier for the American retail crowd to participate. I signed the final documents. I paid all the money. It's a matter of days now. That's also something that might be a catalyst for Scottie.

Gerardo Del Real: Absolutely. Absolutely. No. We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that and make sure that we let the audience know, because I can tell you, I'm getting a whole lot more emails now about the value in the sector and people wanting to harvest profits from other sectors, be it uranium, or be it lithium or be it copper. Though I believe there's still a lot of opportunity in those spaces, crypto as well. There are people that are starting to peel off some of those gains and are looking for opportunities like Scottie, high grade, 100% owned M&A activity in the region. I think it makes sense to have that listing. Good work on that front as well, Brad.

Brad Rourke: Great. Well, good talking to you, sir.

Gerardo Del Real: All right. We'll chat soon. You be safe out there. Safe travels.