Westhaven Gold (TSX-V: WHN)(OTC: WTHVF) CEO Gareth Thomas on Hitting 3.13 Meters of 45.23 g/t Gold and 195.64 g/t Silver Within 8.00 Meters of 20.22 g/t Gold and 83.97 g/t Silver at the Shovelnose Gold Property

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the President and CEO of Westhaven Gold, Mr. Gareth Thomas. Gareth, congrats on a brand new discovery that the market seems to like. How are you, sir?

Gareth Thomas: I'm well thank you, Gerardo. How about yourself?

Gerardo Del Real: I am excellent, thank you for asking. Let's get right into the headline and then let me let you provide the context. The team has to be excited. The headline reads:

Westhaven Drills 3.13 Metres of 45.23 g/t Gold and 195.64 g/t Silver Within 8.00 Metres of 20.22 g/t Gold and 83.97 g/t Silver at the Shovelnose Gold Property

Again, the market likes it. The hole, number 55, is approximately 500 meters from previous high grade intercepts within vein zone two at the south zone. A lot to like here, give us the context there Gareth.

Gareth Thomas: Sure. Yeah, this, hole announced, we're obviously excited to put this out. I wouldn't say it was a shock, but we were a little surprised just in where we were drilling this hole, and what we're saying by high grade, our new discovery here is that we've drilled in this area, nothing to the northwest now as we mentioned in the news release, but we had drilled in and around this area really since 2016, when we first discovered the Alpine Zone, but it was all lower grade, broad, disseminated gold in the sort of associated halo so to intercept this high grade, I did a double take when Peter sent me the preliminary results. I said, “Holy…”Peter said, no double check, and Julie double checked with the lab.

So we were very excited just being that visually the core looked, not what you'd necessarily expect, but this is vein zone two, which is a little bit different. So we have been able to trace this vein Zone Two for several hundred meters from the South Zone up through Alpine now, right up into the Tower, but hitting this grade, this high grade gold, or this lens or pod that we've hit here just goes to show the pinching and swelling nature of these systems. It could be a bit complicated, but now as mentioned there, this certainly seems to be certainly open to the Northwest as we move up towards the Tower and FMN where we're drilling.

So it's a whole new focus here and we're already planning here as, as you and I were just talking. I'm on my way up to Merit here shortly, but we're planning to attack this area pretty shortly here.

Gerardo Del Real: You mentioned in the release, the shallow nature of the mineralization potentially contributing to the open pit potential for this part of the Alpine target area. Can you explain to readers and listeners what you mean by the shallow nature of the mineralization, and just how you see that fitting with the potential open pit scenario here?

Gareth Thomas: Sure. Yeah. So the maiden resource put out in early January there, the 1.1 million gold equivalent million ounces there, 1.1 gold equivalent ounces, I should say. This particular intercept though, is kind of in the shell of this is not obviously this high grade nature of it is not included. So this will certainly bode well for when we decide to expand the resource. And this is sort of what we've been telling people and maybe preaching it a little bit too much here, but every hole's important to drill because these are still 50 meter centers here, which there's a lot of room that can go into those. There's a lot of gold that can be hiding within 50 meters here.

So this is kind of the nature of these low sulfidation epithermal systems where they can be a bit complicated and take a lot of sleuthing here, and once again, I applaud our technical team for their perseverance here and seeing that these things in Peter's experience there at Kupol, he's used to seeing a lot of this where you could have a high grade vein kind of hiding there. So that's why it's exciting. We were hitting, as mentioned, lower grade broad intervals, but to see this high grade mixed in there, it's exciting.

Gerardo Del Real: You mentioned in the release as well, that you plan step outs. Tell me about those.

Gareth Thomas: Yeah. So we're currently focused on the FMN, which we're seeing some really interesting things there, pretty shallow in nature as well, which we think will bode well to the overall story here, we talked about having a resource out on the FMN potentially towards the end of this year. So what we're doing now at this 55 hole, as mentioned, it's wide open to the northwest along strike. So will be likely our next hole there planned here will be 50 meters to the northwest and trying to follow up on this intercept here. So yeah, like I said, it's exciting, it's timely, and it just goes to show that these things... There's a lot of gold here. It's a strong system and it just needs to be drilled, and that's what we've been sort of preaching, and I think there'll be certainly more of this.

Gerardo Del Real: You're headed to the project, would love for you to tweet and post some pictures from the project on social media while you're there if it's not too much to ask.

Thank you for the update Gareth, anything else to add to that?

Gareth Thomas: No Gerardo, I think that's about it. Lots of assays pending, lots of holes in the lab as we're currently drilling as you know, going to be lots of catalysts on the horizon here and yeah, I'll hopefully send some things to Sean and he can put up on the Westhaven Twitter handle there a little bit later today, if not tomorrow.

Gerardo Del Real: Looking forward to it. Let's see if we're not closer to $2,000 gold than $1,900 gold the next time that you and I chat.

Gareth Thomas: Let's hope.

Gerardo Del Real: All right Gareth, chat soon. Thanks again.

Gareth Thomas: Thanks Gerardo.