A New Copper Private Placement

I have a new private placement that I'm offering to subscribers of Junior Resource Insider right now. 

If you're an accredited investor and you're looking for a play that I think can easily deliver, I absolutely believe this company can deliver 25-fold returns within the next two to three years.

A Private Deal for High Net Worth Investors.

I am more than happy to be writing what will be one of the biggest checks that I’ve personally ever written in a private placement. So I'm eating my own cooking. I'm betting with my checkbook. It's a copper, silver, gold play. More copper than silver and more silver than gold.

The exploration work has been top-notch. It's an area that's never been drilled before, and hasn't seen modern exploration up until recently.

I’m very familiar with management. The company has a very strong technical team. I know they believe this will be a career maker, and not just a company maker, but multiple company makers. I believe there's going to be multiple copper, gold, and silver deposits across the phenomenal large-scale land package that the company has been able to put together.

I’m offering this private placement to Junior Resource Insider subscribers this week. I'm writing a big check alongside a large contingent of our group that tends to participate in these financings together. I encourage everybody who’s an accredited investor to check it out. I'm excited for this one. And this is one that even after I write this check, I'm going to continue to add. I think this is the next 20- to 30-fold winner in the portfolio.

Now I have a couple in the portfolio that I've talked to subscribers about that I think are tenfold winners, but this one is special. This one has a ton of smoke and all they've been able to explore for so far is smoke. And they have 17 porphyries in just one part of the land package that they’ve found via early stage exploration. They already have a major partner. They have two other majors they're in discussions with. And they’ll be drilling this year.

It has scale, which is what attracted me to Patriot Battery Metals, which has been up for us as much as 10,956% so far. If you can make one discovery on this large scale land package, there's likely a lot more to be had. Patriot Battery Metals is a one-off. It is unique. It's special. 

This new one has the potential to make multiple companies out of this land package. And we're going to see, we'll see in a year or two, how things are shaping up. 

I think we're going to do phenomenally well with this financing. So I urge you to become a member of Junior Resource Insider today so you can participate.

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Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest