Aben Resources Ltd. Updates the Stock Day Podcast on Its Forrest Kerr Gold Projects Boundary Zone

The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Aben Resources Ltd. (OTCQB: ABNAF) ("the Company"), a Canadian gold exploration company developing gold-focused projects in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. President and CEO of the Company, James Pettit, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the progression of the Company's 2019 drilling program. "This year is more of a regional exploration program. We've moved away from the northern boundary zone, which was giving us all of the high grade results last year," said Pettit, adding that the Company made the decision to explore this area based on the positive indicators provided from this zone. "We're hitting a lot of gold. There's a lot of mineralization in all of the holes," shared Pettit, explaining that the mineralization is lower grade, but represents significant potential.

Pettit then shared that the Company's 2019 drilling program is focused on steepening the angles of the holes. "We will have drilled 9,600 meters this year, which is a lot of drilling," shared Pettit, adding that the Company drilled 10,000 meters last year. "We've got a lot of data and a lot of knowledge for this valley that we are in. It's a pretty extensive valley in terms of mineralization," said Pettit. He further explained that the Company has recently drilled into a new horizon. "We hit into what I call the 'Eskay Formation'," said Pettit, adding that Eskay Creek was one of the richest gold and silver mines in the world upon its discovery. "We have tapped into it. So, when we go back next year, we're going to be taking a serious look at this horizon."

"What have we learned about the exploration program to date?" asked Jolly regarding the Company's Forrest Kerr Gold Project. "Well we've learned that it is pretty rich in mineralization," said Pettit. "The more we study it, the more we learn. We have seven more holes to report on over the next two weeks," shared Pettit, adding that data has shown the potential of a heat source, which would indicate a feeder system. "We're learning, we're on to something, and it's just going to take more work."

Jolly then asked about the Company's plans for the fall and winter, given the limited drilling schedule at the Forrest Kerr Gold Project. Pettit explained that the Company is considering a drill program at their Chico Gold Project in Saskatchewan. "It's good to drill there in the winter," explained Pettit.

In closing, Pettit shared that the value of gold, as a commodity, has continued to increase, while interest in this sector has also increased. He also added that although the Company is drilling lower grade gold compared to its 2018 drilling program, they continue to find significant mineralization in the Boundary Zone. "It's still there, it's still gold. It's where we want to be," closed Pettit.