ACME Lithium Hits Paydirt Next-Door to Industry Leader

ACME Lithium Inc. (CSE: ACME)(OTC: ACLHF) — currently trading around C$1.05 per share — has released sampling results up to 410 ppm lithium from its Fish Lake Valley lithium project in Clayton Valley, Nevada.

The results, which include the identification of fine sediments the same age as Clayton Valley — the epicenter of lithium development in the US — indicate that a mineral process was active during deposition of the underlying sediments.

The ACME team believes the current erosion-surface may be exposing the top of a stratigraphic deposit with active lithium mineralization. Further analysis and evaluation is underway to determine appropriate drilling potential as only the visually uppermost eight meters of the lithified fine sediments are exposed.

Combined, ACME’s Fish Lake Valley and Clayton Valley properties represent the flagship and are situated nearby to the Silver Peak Lithium Mine [owned and operated by Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB | Market Cap: US$26B)which has been in production for over half a century.

ACME’s strategic position in Clayton Valley may soon prove advantageous as America seeks to stockpile lithium carbonate to satisfy growing demand in the global EV push. 

Most recently, here at home, President Biden laid out stringent new emissions standards that call for a full 50% of vehicles sold in the US by 2030 to be EVs. That’s less than a decade from now!

With a current market cap below C$30 million — and with lithium demand projected to double by 2024 as millions of shiny new EVs and hybrids hit the roadways — ACME is emerging as one-to-watch as a potential future US producer of the so-called “white petroleum” with drilling slated to commence next quarter.

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Mike Fagan
Editor, Resource Stock Digest