Investing in Green Hydrogen in 2023

Atco Mining Inc. (CSE: ATCM)(OTC: ATMGF), currently trading undiscovered below C$0.20 per share, is advancing a robust portfolio of seven 100%-owned salt projects — spanning a combined 200-plus sq km — in Newfoundland’s St. Georges Bay Basin, Canada.

Atco Mining advancing a robust portfolio of seven 100%-owned salt projects — spanning a combined 200-plus sq km — in Newfoundland’s St. Georges Bay Basin, Canada.

And while salt typically isn’t the first thing resource speculators think of when seeking out early-stage opportunities in the junior mining space… 

Atco’s outside-the-box strategy within the St. George’s Bay Basin presents a potential early-mover advantage in the growing green hydrogen storage arena as demand for the clean-burning fuel intensifies.

Recent studies confirm that green hydrogen — hydrogen produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewables such as wind-generated electricity — could supply up to 25% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.  

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According to industry experts, energy stored as hydrogen in giant underground salt caverns, or salt domes, will be the most cost-effective long duration solution for many countries configuring net-zero grids around intermittent renewables.

Atco Mining: A Rare Clean-Energy Opportunity.

That makes green hydrogen storage in Newfoundland’s salt domes a source of potential competitive advantage, as well as an enormous commercial opportunity as infrastructure and innovations continue to be developed. 

Salt domes are part of a projected $11 trillion global hydrogen energy boom focused on decarbonization efforts across the US, Canada, and Europe. 

Early-stage exploration is underway across Atco’s land package, which is strategically located in southwestern Newfoundland — an area characterized as having a remarkable salt endowment.

Atco’s salt projects include: Eagle, Blue Mountain South, Lunar North, Apollo, Adonis, Rocky Salt, and Highland (as noted in the property map above)

Recent 3D modeling suggests multiple salt dome structures may be present on Atco’s acreage at a depth as shallow as 300 to 400 meters below surface and extending up to 1,600 meters below surface. 

We recently interviewed Atco Mining director and professional geologist Neil McCallum. He says:

And what we've got on our project in Newfoundland is targets that look like they could be large salt structures based on some of the old work that we've compiled. And there are some other salt structures that have been defined by drilling around us. And we're looking to provide that kind of a solution to what could be one of the largest hydrogen producing areas that could be coming within the next two to three years in Newfoundland.

The company’s early-stage salt projects are all located within close proximity to other major salt projects in Newfoundland — a top-tier mining address, globally. 

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On top of all that, from an investment standpoint, Atco Mining offers exposure to not only salt dome and salt exploration and development opportunities in the ultra-safe mining jurisdiction of Newfoundland but also gold-copper exposure in an equally safe mineral district in Saskatchewan. 

With a potential early-mover advantage in a proven salt district, now is a perfect time to start checking out Atco Mining as it advances no less than seven 100%-owned salt projects in Newfoundland, Canada — all at a sub-C$10 million market cap. 

A great place to start is Atco’s corporate website where you can learn more about the properties and the team, view the 2023 corporate presentation, and sign up to receive updates directly from the company’s IR department. 

Atco Mining Inc. trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol ATCM and on the US OTC Bulletin Board Exchange under the symbol ATMGF

For additional information on Vancouver-based Atco Mining, be sure to call the company’s IR department at 604-512-5624 or contact them via email at

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Resource Stock Digest