Investing via Private Placements: Reg D, Reg A+, Reg S

If there's one thing I've learned after participating in dozens of private placements and getting high net worth subscribers access to private deals that raised tens of millions of dollars... it's that not all deals are created equal. 

There are different levels of private placements, including Reguation D, Regulation A+, and Regulation S. Each have different rules. 

The traditional private placement in a Canadian-listed firm, like a junior miner or cannabis stock, for example, is a Regulation S. 

As more investors have sought access to private placements, companies seeking capital have been all too happy to oblige. So getting access to deals is becoming easier. 

What you need to worry about now is the quality of the deal and you're ability to get out. That is the void I fill with the Hodge Family Office

I also gave a talk about all this, plus the value of getting warrants, recently at the MoneyShow Accredited Investor Virtual Expo. You can watch it below. 


Call it like you see it, 

Nick Hodge
Editor, Resource Stock Digest

Nick Hodge is the co-owner and publisher of Resource Stock Digest. He's also the founder and editor of Hodge Family OfficeFamily Office Advantage, and Foundational Profits . He specializes in private placements and speculations in early stage ventures, and has raised tens of millions of dollars of investment capital for resource, energy, cannabis, and medical technology companies. Co-author of two best-selling investment books, including Energy Investing for Dummies, his insights have been shared on news programs and in magazines and newspapers around the world.

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