Popcorn with coffee?

This is your Resource Stock Digest editor Gerardo Del Real here with some Monday coffee talking points. 

What are we watching this week?

Gold looks like it wants to make a run towards US$2,500 an ounce. That despite the fact that the dollar index remains just below the 105 level. 

We certainly cannot ignore silver, which has been flirting with the US$32/oz level over the past week. There’s no shortage of silver juniors with exposure to the silver price… but we’re not seeing that reflected in share prices just yet. So something to definitely keep an eye on there. 

Another metal you absolutely want to be keeping a close eye on is copper, which has been hitting all-time highs above US$5 per pound of late. As you’re well aware, we've been banging that drum around here for quite some time. Make sure you have significant copper exposure moving forward.

This Copper Is Made in America

The US is taking back its copper supply. But instead of digging bigger and bigger holes in the ground, like the rest of the world does, miners are using a groundbreaking new technology to unlock vast American copper reserves.

These incredible mining innovations will shift our supply chain back to friendly shores — and rake in billions in profits, especially once prices rise with the coming spike in demand. Let me bring you up to speed on this Made-in-America copper (and why early investors will reap billions from collapsing overseas markets).

And hey, I'm not a crypto guy… but Bitcoin is back. It’s currently closing in on US$68K and looks to be gaining some upward momentum post-halving. 

When I say we live in interesting times, it’s true because… Roaring Kitty is back, folks. If you’ve been watching Gamestop, you saw it soar to $60-plus per share last week. It’s now back below $20. Similarly, AMC Theatres went from below $3 to above $11 in three trading days. It’s now back to around $4.40. 

I suppose that's all fun and entertaining if you want to grab some popcorn and hope you still have some trading capital left when the movie credits begin to roll! 

To me, there are far better ways to speculate and invest in the market… especially in the current commodity supercycle we’re just now entering

Have a great week out there… and make it a profitable one.

Let's get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest