Taliban-chic Electric Cars


The Taliban is onto trillion-dollar rare earth and lithium deposits.

Amidst the very many real stories arising from the Taliban being back in power in Afghanistan — stories that should be told — this is the garbage that one network (starts with a C, ends with an N and has an N in the middle) decided to run with.

I — the simple guy I am — decided to read through the comments for about seven seconds. Simple guy tip, don’t read through the comments.

My irritation didn’t reside in highlighting the very real demand for the things that go into electric grids, electric vehicles, windmills, solar panels, etc.

The cause of my initial irritation was the wasted opportunity.

Instead of using the reach of the platform to highlight realistic opportunities, the network went after the click bait that catered to the news of the day, coupled with some China scaremongering on the side.

The demand is real. The trend and coordination between government and the private sector has the potential to be one of the most important public/private partnerships we’ve seen in quite some time.

You could argue that the partnership and development of these important metals — copper, lithium, rare earths, cobalt — is critical if climate change targets are to be met.

You could also highlight important projects that have the ability to transform the critical metals supply chains in a safe and responsible way.

Projects like Lithium Americas’ (NYSE: LAC)(TSX: LAC) Thacker Pass project in Nevada.

Projects like Leading Edge Materials’ (TSX-V: LEM)(OTC: LEMIF) Nora Karr project in Sweden, which is blessed with heavy rare earths and has the potential to contribute to Europe’s critical metals supply chain in a very significant way and for a very long time.

But that doesn’t get clicks. It doesn’t sell.

So instead let’s waste precious dialogue on catchy headlines as if we were actually going to mine Afghanistan.

I hear it is also rich in gemstones.

Your next gem could come from Afghanistan.

It would look amazing on Instagram.

You should go.

Let's get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest

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