The Best Deal I’ve Ever Financed?

I spent years trying to get in the sandbox. Trying to learn – and earn – enough to be able to access private deals. 

The type of deals that often start with a small capital raise in a private company, go public at many multiples and then, depending on the market and execution by the company, end up headed even higher. 

It’s a market I believe anyone willing to invest time learning and willing to risk capital should be able to participate in. Unfortunately that is not the case. The government – which is always there to help – requires that in order to access these lucrative (usually) deals you meet the threshold of an accredited investor.

That means you either made $200,000 each of the past couple of years or $300,000 with a spouse, or you have a million dollars net worth, and then you can buy shares directly from the company.

I don’t agree with that sentiment but I don’t make those rules. 

How lucrative can these deals be? 

I’ll share a recent example because it’s a story you should be following in the public market as I believe the company is on to a significant lithium discovery.

Patriot Battery Metals (CSE: PMET)(OTCQB: RGDCF) is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral projects containing battery, base, and precious metals.

Back in late June I helped finance Patriot – alongside Junior Resource Insider subscribers – at C$0.16 per share. The financing came with a C$0.25 warrant good for two years.

Then on November 29, the company announced it had hit significant widths of lithium mineralization on the very first hole of its maiden drill program  at its Corvette-FCI Property located in the James Bay Region of Quebec.

Patriot hit 0.93% Li2O and 114 ppm Ta2O5 over 146.8 meters (from 26.0 to 172.8m). It’s only one hole but there are likely at least 20 such pegmatites on the property and assays are imminent on several key follow up holes.

There’s also copper and gold assays pending but the main catalyst right now is the lithium discovery.

That sent shares higher and just a few months later we are up over 200% on our C$0.16 shares and up over 100% on the C$0.25 warrant.

The most recent deal, financed less than a month ago, is a tiny gold company on the verge of launching a drill program at its flagship property. 

The drill program is being led by one of the best technical teams in the business. That deal is already up over 50%. If gold does what I think it’s going to do in 2022, and the company has success with the drill bit, then it’s off to the races on that deal as well.

The deal I’ll be announcing next Monday might just be one of the best ones I’ve ever helped finance.

It’s a private company that already has one of the best undeveloped platinum group elements-gold-nickel projects in the world. 

Think the world needs more palladium, platinum, rhodium or nickel? There’s also a significant gold kicker.

This is the kind of asset that has tier one potential with a world-class group of leadership and influential shareholders that will help get it there. 

I expect the private company to go public within the next two months at a significant premium (100%-200%) and then much higher in short order.

The financing will fill fast. 

If you’re an accredited investor allocating capital in the space, I highly encourage you to consider taking advantage of a network I’ve spent over a decade building.

2022 is going to be volatile but extremely profitable. 

I hope you come along for the ride.

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Let's get it,


Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Resource Stock Digest

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