The Future of Mining Tech: Rare Earth Recycling

Cotec Holdings (TSX-V: CTH)(OTC: CTHCF) invests in multiple technologies that are adjacent to the resource market. They are at the feasibility stage for a rare earth recycling plant to be built in Texas, perhaps with State Department funding, with first revenues expected in 2026. 

CoTec has interests in several new methods of commodity extraction and is applying them to mining assets. 

The reason for this multifold: 

  • Aging and lower grade global deposits
  • Fewer high grade discoveries
  • Use of less energy and water
  • Making waste streams economic

Areas of interest include rare earths and critical metals, copper, and iron ore. 

The company also acquires mineral properties that are best suited to these new methods. 

What are these new methods? CEO and major investor Julian Treger discusses them in this deep-dive interview. 

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