Nomad Royalty (TSX: NSR)(OTC: NSRXF) CEO Vincent Metcalfe on $75 Million Gold Stream on Ivanhoe Mines' Platreef PGM Project Français

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Nomad Royalty, Mr. Vincent Metcalfe. Vince, how are you today?

Vincent Metcalfe: Very good. Thank you.

Gerardo Del Real: You sent a note earlier and I love the way the note started. It read, it's not every day that you get to partner with Ivanhoe Mines on building one of the best mining projects in the world. I couldn't agree more. Congratulations. You had some pretty important news this morning. I would love for you to provide an overview of what the news means to you and the company. Great work, obviously. Congratulations.

Vincent Metcalfe: Yes. Thank you very much. What we announced this morning was a acquisition from... Basically we're buying a gold stream on the Platreef Project, which is operated by Ivanhoe. It's probably one of the best PGM projects in the world. Probably one of the most impressive, actually precious metal project in the world, when you look at it as well because there's so many different metals. There's palladium, platinum, rhodium, gold obviously, which we're streaming but it's one of those projects that will go for a very, very long period of time. It's a very, very long life asset. It's got over 30 years of life already. It's obviously operated by a major operator in Ivanhoe Mines, which is probably one of the best things out of this transaction at the moment, is the fact that it's such a good operator.

It's such a good asset and I think for us, it's a perfect type of instrument for a company like Nomad because you're going into a project that's going to be going through different cycles. It's going to be a generational asset as Mr. Robert Friedland likes to talk and talk about his asset about ... Is you've got these very, very long mine life assets that truly have an incredible impact for the stakeholders, for the communities and for the investors that own these types of assets.

Gerardo Del Real: I absolutely agree. It has been a busy 2021 for you this year. You've executed brilliantly, despite a challenging market in the gold space. I think it's going to pay off in spades in 2022. Would you like to provide just a brief summary of the amazing work that you've done in 2021? You and the team.

Vincent Metcalfe: Yes. Thank you. So what... We've only been trading for 18 months. That's what people have to realize. So 2020 was very intense. 2021 was even more intense but you're right to point out that we've done three very significant acquisitions this year. So with Ivanhoe Mines today and the Platreef gold stream acquisition, that's one. Then we also announced our gold stream on Greenstone earlier in October for a $95 million investment. But we also acquired another royalty on Caserones earlier in the year for a total of $50 million investment. So when you look at those three assets and you also add maybe the Robertson Royalty to which we acquired last year, which is operated by Barrick, you're looking at four incredible assets.

Four... What other companies would look at as company makers, you're looking at Robertson, which is operated by Barrick. You're looking at Caserones, which is operated by JX Nippon and then you have Greenstone, which is Equinox and then Platreef, which is operated by Ivanhoe. All assets with what we believe will probably end up running for over 25 years. So very long mine life assets. All near term production, if not already in production because they're all within two years of cashflow or say by 2024. So there's an incredible amount of growth within Nomad but they're also very high quality assets which... These are the types of assets that you want to build a company around.

Gerardo Del Real: $225 million in transactions announced in 2021. You're overdue for some rest, Vincent. Is there anything else that you'd like to add to that before I let you go and let you get to it?

Vincent Metcalfe: Yeah, no. Well, 225 is a big number but that was for 2021. I would say that going forward in 2022, there's still a lot in the pipeline. There's still a lot of very good assets and very good operators to partner with. And I think that's what the investors have to look forward to is... I think we've proven what we came out to prove back in 2020 when we created Nomad. But now it's really about taking that leadership role within the royalty and streaming sector and really showing that Nomad is here to stay and here to grow and to hopefully one day become another Franco or Wheaton and one of those leading companies because I think there's a tremendous amount of space in this sector. There's definitely some consolidation to be had as well. So I think investors should definitely look at the current opportunity because we strongly believe that we're still very much undervalued versus our peers but with the recent transactions that we've shown, I think there's a lot of merit to seeing that re-rating happen in 2022.

Gerardo Del Real: Well said. Good work. Enjoy the holidays and we'll chat soon.

Vincent Metcalfe: Thank you very much.