Scottie Resources (TSX-V: SCOT)(OTC: SCTSF) CEO Brad Rourke on Having a Tiger By The Tail at Blueberry Zone

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the president and CEO of Scottie Resources. Mr. Brad Rourke. Brad, how in the heck are you? I suspect you are well.

Brad Rourke: Yeah, well I'm okay. I'm tired. I've been onsite for pretty much the whole drill season, but yeah, overall I'm quite happy.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, I suspect that you're happy because of the recent news here, you had a news release a few days ago. Let me read the headline and congratulations, by the way. It reads:

Scottie Resources Drills 14.6 g/t Gold Over 8.07 Metres, Extending Blueberry Zone to Over 550 Metres Strike-Length

I will let you do it justice and provide some context here.

Brad Rourke: Sure. Yeah, we were really excited. It was a big step out for us on a new discovery for us. I mean this north south idea of Blueberry only come to fruition last season, and then we were testing it. Seemed to hold in last year and we had great results. And so we were pretty bold and we took a big step out in hopes that we would have the relative results in time to maybe help us with our pierce points in between point A and point B. Because point B's over 200 meters away from where we were. But so we're excited. It's played out to new discovery from nothing. Now we're 550 meters strike length that we can confidently look somebody in the eye and say, "And stay tuned. We still have lots." I'll have close to 6,000 meters at Blueberry to report. So we're just starting and I have two drills on it right now. So lots more to come.

Gerardo Del Real: So assay's pending, two drills turning. I think it's important to note that the highlight intercept here is pretty near surface. I mean, it's from 52.6 meters, right?

Brad Rourke: That's right. The whole Blueberry system is all very shallow is if you go look at the old stuff. So we're at the valley bottom, but we're at the top of the valley bottom and it seems that it's all coming up. And so there's not very many deep holes and like I say, our target depending on the trajectory of our goal, but anywhere from 30 meters down in mercy mineralization, so it is quite shallow and it's on a road so very nice.

Gerardo Del Real: You got to be happy with the fact that it is quite shallow given the proximity to the infrastructure and your neighbors, right? I got to imagine that they're probably looking at this program and wondering, "Can you deliver more of this near surface, high grade stuff?"

Brad Rourke: Yeah I'm sure they're wondering as I am and all our shareholders, but we've really leaned into this year. There'll be a lot of information the next couple of months, for sure. It might even be the next three months because like I say, I'm still going to try and get 3,000 meters in from now until the snow dictates I can't.

Gerardo Del Real: And that was going to be my next question Brad, was the pace of drilling and how that's coming along and how the assay labs were cooperating? I know pretty much all over the world, they tend to be backed up more often than not. It seems like you've had some pretty good luck here as it relates to the assay labs?

Brad Rourke: Well, we tried something new this year and so far so good. So we're using a different provider, but we're prepping, or they are, SGS labs. We're crushing our rocks on site, so we're doing the prep. The bottleneck for the assay labs is yes, it's slow universal, but really the bottleneck from we can see is getting the rocks prepped. So we're shipping envelopes of crushed rock, or SGS is of course, I can't be involved in it. But so they brought up a temporary prep lab and I think that's been good for us. Well, last year I didn't have any feedback to finish my drill program off like we did this year, so we're starting better than we did last year anyway. So that's nice.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. And how's the treasury looking?

Brad Rourke: Yeah, we're good. Once we made that AUX announcement, we did a financing the week later that was not ever spoken about or even thought about until that announcement. So we're currently, even though we drilled 14,500 meters, and I got to prepay for all that sort of stuff. These contractors, they make you pay upfront, which they probably should. But we have five million in the treasury still and I've paid most my bills of course, will eat into that five million a little bit, but I mean, the heavy lifting is done for sure. So I've hardly ever gone into a season with that much money, let alone coming out.

Gerardo Del Real: Cashed up, drills turning, assay's pending, pretty sweet spot to be in. Anything else to add to that Brad?

Brad Rourke: No, just appreciate anyone who's willing to put their eyeballs, work, time, do due diligence. We're into our sixth season and we haven't missed a step. We're happy despite the market, as long as we don't look at the stock market, we're executing and it's holding in. And so we're really happy and just more to come. We're not going anywhere. We have more conviction now than we ever had.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, I suspect we'll be chatting pretty soon here with those assays pending and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you so much.

Brad Rourke: Right on. Nice speaking with you. Hope you're doing well.

Gerardo Del Real: Thank you. Thank you, same. We'll chat soon.

Brad Rourke: Bye.